Notes From the Director's Desk: April Edition

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AmeriCorps Seniors
April 16, 2024

Notes From the Director's Desk:
April Edition

FGP 4.24

National Volunteer Week is April 21-27, an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers.

Message From the Director

Dear colleagues,  

I’m always humbled to see the positive outcomes that our AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers make in communities across the country, which is why I am excited that next week is National Volunteer Week. This week-long event is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the profound impact of volunteering, particularly older adult volunteering, and the ability to address significant societal issues, foster stronger communities, and to make positive change in other people’s lives.  

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, I hope you feel a sense of pride in the profound work you do to confront society's most pressing challenges through your service. I know many projects will be hosting special events to recognize this event, and I hope you take a moment to pat yourselves on the back for making a positive impact in your community. The volunteers who serve in our programs are invaluable and deserve recognition. National Volunteer Week is not just a celebration of your efforts but also a testament to the spirit of generosity and compassion that drives you to serve others selflessly. Remember, your actions are shaping a brighter future and inspiring others to join in creating positive change. Take pride in your accomplishments, celebrate your achievements, and continue to be the driving force behind meaningful transformation in our communities. 

I had the pleasure of connecting with some of you at the On Aging 2024 conference in San Francisco, Calif., at the end of March. I was honored to represent AmeriCorps Seniors and discuss the important work our volunteers make in their communities every day.  

I hope you all are enjoying the longer days and spring weather. As always, thank you all for your hard work and dedication. I’ll see you this summer at our 2024 Convening!  

Atalaya Sergi, Director
AmeriCorps Seniors

Training Corner 

Grantee Essentials Training and Technical Assistance Calls 

Each month, we dive into specific technical assistance topics to help you build your skills while managing your AmeriCorps Seniors grant. Upcoming calls: 

  • Quarter 3 Project Performance Reports and Data Quality
    Tuesday, April 16, 1 p.m. ET
  • Volunteer Station Best Practices
    Tuesday, May 21, 1 p.m. ET 
  • Evaluation Basics
    Tuesday, June 18, 1 p.m. ET  

Register for the Grantee Essentials TTA Calls

Missed our last Grantee Essentials TTA call? Check out the Grantee Essentials TTA learning path in Litmos. This learning path includes webinar recordings, presentations, and other materials.

Join our Upcoming Recruitment Webinars 

Join the below call to learn more about recruitment tips and tricks you can utilize to recruit more AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers. Please reach out to with any questions.    

Monthly Spotlight on Training Resources 

This month, we are highlighting the Finishing Your American Rescue Program Strong: Final Progress Reports, Sharing Program Accomplishments, and Closeout course in Litmos. This course provides information and resources to help AmeriCorps Seniors' American Rescue Plan grantees complete final progress reports and use effective storytelling to share project accomplishments. This training is primarily intended for AmeriCorps Seniors’ American Rescue Plan grantees but is applicable to all programs.

Access this training by using the link above or by searching the content library for the "Finishing Your American Rescue Program Strong” course.

Note: If you are using the direct link, you must first log in to Litmos, then click the link to the course.

For technical support, to request access, or if you need assistance accessing these pages using assistive technology, email:

Data In Action 

AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers Vital in Tax Relief for Thousands of Americans

It is tax season again and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers are a vital asset in tax preparation programs that have returned millions of dollars to eligible Americans. In 2023, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers returned over $69 million dollars to eligible families, helping AmeriCorps overall return $84 million in tax returns. By activating more than 1,890 volunteers in the RSVP program, AmeriCorps Seniors helped more than 100,000 Americans. Each volunteer served more than 50 individuals with tax preparation services.

“RSVP programs across the country activated their skilled and talented AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers to support families, individuals, veterans, and military families, making sure they received the critical tax benefit they were entitled to receive.” – Atalaya Sergi, Director, AmeriCorps Seniors.

Read more about AmeriCorps Seniors tax relief efforts here.

Modernization Initiative Update 

Currently, AmeriCorps is immersed in the system configuration and design phase of the future Grantee and Sponsor Portal and are in the development phase for My AmeriCorps Portal replacement. AmeriCorps is working to deliver systems that will help improve the application, award management, and volunteer management experience for AmeriCorps grantees. AmeriCorps' modernization team will be at the AmeriCorps Seniors Convening, where there will be a variety of in-person engagement opportunities.

Stay tuned for more updates and ways to stay connected. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions at 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Virtual Summit

Building on a robust culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, the first-ever AmeriCorps' Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Virtual Summit, “Let’s Take a Journey”, will occur on Tuesday, April 30, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET.   

The summit will begin with an introduction from our Chief Executive Officer, Michael D. Smith. Afterwards, there will be a signature executive panel with the following industry leaders:   

  • Alvin Warren, Board Member, AmeriCorps Board of Directors 
  • Veda Ajamu – Chief, DEI Programs and Community Engagement, The National Civil Rights Museum   
  • Elaine P. Ho – Chief Diversity Officer, National Aeronautical Space Administration 
  • Yesenia Martinez – Program Manager, The Volcker Alliance   

Next, there will be back-to-back sessions where participants can choose from two of the three tracks: Exploring Data to Increase Equitable Outcomes; Granting Access: Dismantling Able-ism And Embracing Neurodiversity; and Strategic Alignment for Organizational Success and Community Impact. 

We ask for your commitment in communicating this event to your staff, as well as contact with any grantees, members, volunteers, and sponsors.  For external stakeholders, please encourage them to register using this link.    

For questions, please contact Veta Hurst ( or Lamar Butler (   

Celebrate AmeriCorps 30th Anniversary 

April image

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of AmeriCorps, each month we will highlight the incredible impact AmeriCorps programs create through key areas of service. The theme for April is Environment. AmeriCorps’ focus on the environment conserves natural habitats, improves energy efficiency, protects clean air and water, and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Find videos, photos, social media, communications templates, and more in our30th anniversary communications toolkit Remember to share your Environment storieswith us to raise awareness about the positive impact your program has on your community. Share videos, photos, and posts on social media. Use the hashtag #AmeriCorps30 to be featured on our channel. 

Access the Toolkit

Elder Justice Corner 

From our colleagues at the Federal Trade Commission. 

What to Know About Amazon Scams 

People make purchases through Amazon every day, and scammers are exploiting the popularity of the website to target new victims. This scam may start with a call or text message claiming there is an unusual charge on your Amazon account. They may even have an elaborate story about fraud using your identity. If you are not vigilant, these scammers can steal your money. 

Here’s what to know about Amazon scams: 

  • Amazon isn’t calling you. Scammers can make it look like it’s Amazon calling, but don’t trust the number in your caller ID.  
  • Worried about a suspicious purchase on Amazon? Log in through the website or app to verify purchases. 
  • Don’t believe what a stranger on the phone tells you. Scammers may say the issue at hand is account fraud, involves a crime, or claims to be from the government. These are scams. 
  • Check your credit report. Visit and get an instant copy of your credit report for free and look for accounts you don’t recognize. 

For more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission. 

Program Updates and Requirements 

2024 Income Guidelines  

The 2024 AmeriCorps Seniors Income Guidelines for the Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs are posted to the grantee pages. 

Income Disregard Provisions Memo  

The Income Disregard Provisions Memo has been updated and posted on the Foster Grandparent, RSVP, Senior Companion, and Senior Demonstration grantee pages 

Nominations Open for 2024 Excellence in AmeriCorps Seniors Awards

During our 2024 National Convening, we would like to offer you an opportunity to nominate your colleagues who have exhibited stellar leadership and commitment to our programs, volunteers, and your fellow directors. We recognize that, as project directors, you are the backbone of AmeriCorps Seniors, and we will use these awards as a small token of our appreciation for your hard work, dedication, and loyalty. You can nominate your colleagues for one or more of the five categories of awards.

  • Impactful Service
  • Innovative Service
  • Inclusive Service
  • Influential Service Award
  • Life of Service Award

Please watch for the full award criteria and deadline in the May edition of the Director’s Note.

Reporting Requirements 

For reporting deadlines, review your grant's terms and conditions and section VII reporting requirements: 

Reports will be made available in eGrants 90 days before the due date. If the option to enter report data is not available in eGrants, please reach out to your portfolio manager.  

Current Reports Due: 

AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP Quarter Three Grants:

  • Project Progress Report Annual Due: Tuesday, April 30 
  • Federal Financial Report Semi-Annual Due: Tuesday, April 30 

AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and Senior Demonstration Program Quarter Three Grants Realigned to Quarter Four (those with a 15-month budget):

  • Project Progress Report Annual Due: Tuesday, July 30
  • Federal Financial Report Semi-Annual Due: Tuesday, April 30

**Please note: There was an error in last month’s Director’s Notes regarding the due date for the Project Progress Report for realigned Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and Senior Demonstration Programs. The Project Progress Report is due Tuesday, July 30.

AmeriCorps Seniors American Rescue Plan Phase 2 (April) Grants: 

  • Project Progress Report Annual Due: Tuesday, April 30 
  • Federal Financial Report Final Due: Monday, July 29 

Additional Resources 

For instructions on the project progress report and federal financial report, visit your program's grantee resources section, select “submit a progress report” or “submit a Federal Financial Report” as the action, then click “apply” to show the resources.    

Updated AmeriCorps Seniors Handbooks 

Litmos Trainings for Reporting