AmeriCorps VISTA Monthly Updates


AmeriCorps VISTA
Feb. 23, 2024

AmeriCorps VISTA Monthly Updates

Quarterly Sponsor Call

Please join us for the next sponsor call on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 3 p.m. ET. AmeriCorps staff will share budget and training updates and results from the fiscal 2023 VISTA Progress Report Supplement.

The webinar ID and passcode:  
Webinar ID: 161 025 4452  
Passcode: 614205  


The October sponsor meeting recording is now available

Modernization Initiative Update 

We are excited to bring you the latest update on our ongoing Modernization Initiative, offering a peek into the steps we will be taking throughout 2024 and beyond. Currently, we are immersed in the system customization and design phase of the Grantee and Sponsor Portal and discovery phase for the My AmeriCorps Portal replacement. 

The Grantee and Sponsor Portal, an Ernst & Young Commercial Off-the-Shelf product will have significant enhancements, including streamlined reporting, integrations with,, and to reduce duplicate data entry, and allow for filtering by opportunities, funding status, and more. Integrations with other AmeriCorps and federal systems mean streamlined project and award management for both internal and external users. 

The contract for the My AmeriCorps Portal Replacement has been awarded to vendor FedTec (formerly known as Free Alliance). They are currently wrapping up a discovery period to familiarize themselves with our agency’s requirements, stakeholders, and user experiences to prepare for development. In alignment with the AmeriCorps Strategic Plan, we are planning for the first release of the new portal to focus on searching and applying for service opportunity listings, which will require less information upfront from prospective members, streamline the application process, and include robust functionality to search for opportunities through map features and applicant/opportunity matching. 

The next stage in the development of both systems will consist of internal testing of the earliest testable and usable product. 

We appreciate your ongoing support and engagement as we navigate these new developments. Please reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions at 

Member Service Gear 

As a reminder, all new AmeriCorps members serving in the VISTA program should receive an invitation to order their AmeriCorps gear no later than two weeks after each member orientation. Members need to access their account within 30 days and are eligible to receive a polo shirt, t-shirt, water bottle, journal, and lapel pin.   

If members cannot find their invitations or need more assistance with ordering their gear, contact  

Order Your Recruitment Kit

Updated Recruitment Photo

Recruitment promotional items are now available to support your recruitment and outreach efforts. To place an order: 

  1. Create an account on the AmeriCorps promotional items website
  2. Use Item Name or SKU Number to easily search for each item:
  3. After filling your basket, click “Check Out.”
  4. Enter your shipping address. No PO Boxes will be accepted.
  5. Click “Continue to Review.”
  6. In the Order Justification box, please include the following: Name of your organization + SPONKITFY24.