Research and Evaluation/Summer 2017

Exciting New Senior Corps Research

Seniors Contribute Time and Talents to Service

In 2015, CNCS launched a longitudinal study of the Senior Corps program – one sample included Senior Corps volunteers in the Foster Grandparent (FG) and Senior Companion (SC) programs, and a second sample included caregivers who receive respite from Senior Companions.

The study of the FG and SC volunteers surveyed nearly 1000 senior national service volunteers at initial entry into Senior Corps and at one and two year follow-up points. 

Findings from the first follow-ups in both studies demonstrate promising results for Senior Corps volunteers and caregivers. We’re excited to share some of these highlights with you next month.

RSVP for the Research and Evidence webinar on July 26, 2017 at 1:00pm ET we’ll discuss the full findings from the first year follow-up of these studies. And as always, check out the Evidence Exchange where we'll be posting the full report.   

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Evaluation Resources

The Evidence Continuum

Evidence Continuum

The Evidence Continuum demonstrates how the infusion of progressively rigorous evaluation and measurement into every phase of a program’s life cycle builds a cumulative evidence base for a program. Click on the image above to read more and watch the video.

Notice of Funding Availability National Service and Civic Engagement Research Competition

CNCS’s Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) is seeking applications to fund research projects that build on existing research, address gaps in knowledge, and provide new ideas and methodological approaches to the study of civic infrastructure, civic engagement, volunteering, national service, and other related concepts such as social capital. Activities to be funded would include instrument development, data collection, analysis and reporting, dissemination of results, and collaborations with practitioners and policymakers to apply research findings.

This competition is only open to accredited institutions of higher education and will fund both scholars and dissertators. Applications are due July 11, 2017, no later than 5:00 pm EST. Please CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.

Research and Evidence Webinars

    This webinar series is one of several ways the Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) is striving to share current research on civic engagement, volunteering, and national service. In May and June we had presentations from our 2015 National Service and Civic Engagement Research Competition awardees. In July, the webinar will be on the Senior Corps studies described above. 

    Creating Healthier Communities

    In celebration of Healthy Futures Month, check out evaluations from some CNCS grantees working to make their communities healthier and building the evidence to prove it.

    Up2Us Coach Across America Program 

    This report shows positive impact on youth physical activity and behavior, and a reduction in unhealthy eating.

    AIDS United Access to Care Initiative

    This report shows positive impact on access to care and cost savings, and signs of viral suppression.

    Birth and Beyond Home Visitation Program 

    This report shows positive impact on  parenting skills and attitudes, and a reduction in referrals to Child Protective Services.

    Playworks Program

    This report shows positive impact on student behavior and school climate.

    U.S. Soccer Foundation Soccer for Success Program

    This report shows positive impact on  youth BMI, waist circumference and aerobic capacity.