CORRECTION: Consumer Auto Re-Enrollment Occurs December 16!

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Consumer Auto

Re-Enrollment Occurs December 16

CORRECTION: In a previous message from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on November 22, 2021, we incorrectly stated that Marketplace consumers will be automatically re-enrolled in their current plan (or a similar plan) on January 15, 2022. Consumers who do not make a plan selection by December 15, 2021, will be auto re-enrolled, with an effective coverage date of January 1, 2022. This information will be visible on and on partner sites starting December 16, 2021.


Consumers who change plans or enroll in coverage between December 16, 2021, and January 15, 2022, will have an effective coverage date of February 1, 2022. After January 15, consumers will only be able to enroll or change plans for plan year 2022 if a change in circumstance qualifies them for a Special Enrollment Period.

Your clients may be automatically re-enrolled in coverage for plan year 2022 if they:

  1. Received coverage in 2021 through participating issuers, but have not selected 2022 coverage by December 15. Note: Your client’s re-enrollment in their issuer’s plan for 2022 may be different from their plan enrollment for 2021, depending on plan availability.
  2. Are currently enrolled in plans through issuers that will not be participating in the Marketplace for 2022. These clients may be matched with an alternate plan offered by a different issuer.


To ensure your clients have the best plan suited to their needs in 2022, have them log in to their account, update their information, and view all available plan options for 2022.

You’re encouraged to work with your clients to make an active plan selection—and to confirm your National Producer Number (NPN) is part of their enrollment.


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