Get help selecting a plan for 2021

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Get help picking a plan before December 15


We can connect you to a Marketplace-registered agent or broker who will contact you to help you enroll in a health care plan for 2021. 


Agents or brokers are trained and registered by the Marketplace and licensed in their respective state. They’re usually paid by the insurance companies whose plans they sell; however, they’re required in many states to act in the consumer’s best interest.


If you would like an agent or broker to contact you for help enrolling, select the button below. You’ll be redirected to “Help On Demand,” where you can provide your contact information and an agent or broker will reach out to you.


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Note: Simply providing your contact information isn’t considered enrolling. To get coverage, you must still complete your application and pick a plan by the December 15 deadline. provides this link for your convenience. Once you visit Help on Demand, you’re subject to its privacy and security policies. It’s operated under contract with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) – the federal agency that administers


Remember: The deadline to enroll in a 2021 Marketplace plan is December 15.


You can also visit Find Local Help for a full list of agents and brokers and other assistance in your area you can contact yourself.


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