How to Safely Assist Consumers from Your Home

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How Enhanced Direct Enrollment Can Help You

As an agent or broker, you have the potential to play an important role in helping consumers who may be losing their job, have reduced income, or are losing employer-based health coverage. If you’re an agent or broker registered with the Marketplace, you have several enrollment options to choose from to assist these consumers.


One Marketplace tool available to you is the Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) Pathway. Many approved EDE partners offer a range of enrollment and client management capabilities to help you remotely assist your clients with applying for, enrolling in, and managing Marketplace coverage through an approved private website with no re-directs to  


Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider using an EDE Pathway to assist consumers at this time:

  1. Work remotely: EDE partners are required to support certain consumer scenarios directly on their websites. These capabilities allow you to make application updates for some, if not all your clients, directly from the EDE partner’s website without being redirected to This can allow you to assist consumers remotely without the need to work side-by-side.
  2. Report changes and Special Enrollment Periods (SEP): Approved EDE partners offering an EDE Pathway are required to support reported changes in circumstances and SEPs outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period.
  3. Upload client documents and view their status. Approved EDE partners provide the ability to view the status of your clients’ data matching issues and SEP verification issues, and allow you to remotely upload supporting documentation to resolve these issues.
  4. Download notices: You’ll be able to download your clients’ Marketplace notices, such as the Eligibility Determination Notice and consumer 1095-As.
  5. Make binder payments through the EDE pathway: Certain EDE partners allow your clients to make initial binder payments directly through their website.
  6. Use EDE services at little or no cost: Generally, there is no cost to use an approved private partner’s EDE agent/broker platform.
  7. Find help fast: It’s simple to find an issuer or web-broker you may want to work with using this Private Partner Directory.

Issuers and web-brokers that are approved EDE partners may offer different features and capabilities on their websites. To find out more about specific functions they may offer, check out the Private Partner Directory or contact the issuer or web-broker directly.


Learn more about EDE by watching this video!


Only registered agents and brokers have the opportunity to work with approved partners that offer EDE capabilities. If you have not already, take time to complete registration and training today.


Important: Agents and brokers are not allowed to create a account for a consumer, or log into using the consumer’s credentials. Learn more.


Have questions? Check these frequently asked questions on EDE or contact the Agent/Broker Email Help Desk at


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