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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is excited to announce the new Private Partner Enrollment and Client Management Capabilities Directory, which you can use to find approved issuer and web-broker partners in your state.


Using this tool, you can easily search within your state and view key information for each issuer and web-broker partner, such as:

  • Partner name
  • State(s) the partner operates in
  • Level of service offered (e.g., classic direct enrollment functionality and simplified, expanded, or full application enhanced direct enrollment capabilities)
  • Service availability (i.e., year-round or only during Open Enrollment Periods)
  • Agent/broker-specific contact information
  • Information on whether the partner offers Small Business Health Options (SHOP) plans and/or stand-alone dental plans

As a reminder, you must use an approved issuer or web-broker partner to access the Marketplace’s new enhanced private partner enrollment and client management capabilities.


Search Directory

CMS will update this directory as it approves additional partners. Not all approved partners have provided CMS with information to display in the directory. If you are working with an issuer or web-broker partner who is not listed in the directory, check with them to determine what agent/broker tools and services they have had approved by CMS and can make available to you to enroll consumers in Marketplace coverage.


If you have questions, contact the Agent/Broker Email Help Desk at

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