Reminder: Please Submit 2020 Census Data Product Planning Crosswalk Comments by 10/22/21

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Reminder: Please Submit 2020 Census Data Product Planning Crosswalk Comments by 10/22/21

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Oct. 14, 2021 — Reminder: Please submit all comments about the proposed 2020 Census data tables for both the Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (DHC) and Detailed DHC by Friday, October 22. Send comments to with “2020 Census Data Products” in the subject line. Staff and decisionmakers are reviewing all submissions.

Using the 2020 Census Data Product Planning Crosswalk, please share detailed descriptions of your use cases for specific tables: how you rely on the table content as well as the geographic specificity. The most useful feedback would include detailed descriptions of your use cases from the crosswalk. This would include how the needs of your work, your community, or your organization would be affected if that content or specificity were no longer available.

The Census Bureau is working to produce as many data tables with as much specificity as possible. We want to ensure that we are expending privacy-loss budget on those data details that potentially have the greatest impact while still preserving respondent confidentiality. 

Now Online: Data Product Planning Webinar Video and Transcript

Visit our disclosure avoidance webinar series to watch (or re-watch) the September 30 webinar on 2020 Census Data Product Planning. The webinar describes how to navigate and use the crosswalk so you can quickly identify the proposed data tables you’re interested in. Transcripts and slides, when applicable, are included with all posted webinars for your use.

Send Us Your Data Product Feedback

As discussed in our 9/16/2021 newsletter, we encourage you to review the planning crosswalk and consider how proposed scope and geographic changes might impact your data needs. Please send your comments using the subject "2020 Census data products" by Friday, October 22 to: In particular, we are seeking feedback on use cases for lower levels of geography (e.g., block and block group) for Demographic and Housing Characteristics (DHC) File tables, and general feedback on the Detailed DHC.

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About Disclosure Avoidance Modernization

The Census Bureau is protecting 2020 Census data products with a powerful new cryptography-inspired disclosure avoidance system known as “differential privacy.” We are committed to producing 2020 Census data products that are of the same high quality you've come to expect while protecting respondent confidentiality from emerging threats in today's digital world. 


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