Census Bureau Launches New COVID-19 Data Hub

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COVID-19 Data Hub

Census Bureau Launches COVID-19 Data Hub

Today the U.S. Census Bureau released a new resource page on Census.gov to help federal agencies, businesses, and communities make decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar to the Census Bureau’s resources pages created during natural disasters, this resource page includes information on population demographics, economic indicators and businesses.

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It features a new interactive data hub that centralizes already-released data from the American Community Survey and the County Business Patterns program to facilitate users’ access to data useful in pandemic-related decision making. The data hub, released as a beta version, will be updated periodically as the situation changes and as feedback is received from users. 

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COVID-19 Dataset Search

The data hub provides four interactive features:

  • The COVID-19 Impact Report allows users to browse dashboards with demographic and business data for the nation, states and counties. Information is presented in an interactive visualization that allows for further exploration and downloading.
  • The Demographic and Economic Analysis feature provides selected statistics in an interactive map that can be incorporated into users’ own maps.
  • The Highlighted Datasets allow users to access even more of these key data in an interactive map that includes further details down to the census tract level.
  • The Categorical Datasets search allows users to select a data theme and to find and download (in map service and Excel formats) the census data that interests them.

About the COVID-19 Data Hub

The data hub also includes direct links to other Census Bureau data tools that provide additional information to guide decision-making, and also links to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data on COVID-19 cases. The hub was built in collaboration with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). The Census Bureau provides access to this and all of its resources in support of the coronavirus response effort at www.census.gov/coronavirus.