At-Home Activities That Showcase the Country’s Diversity

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At-Home Activities That Showcase the Country’s Diversity

At-Home Activities

That Showcase the Country’s Diversity

Statistics in Schools (SIS) has created activities that focus on diversity in the United States, showing how differences in race, ethnicity, language, and other characteristics enhance the American tapestry and contribute to the strength of our country.

These teacher-created activities can easily be adapted for at-home instruction, and they will help to reinforce for children and their families the importance of responding to the 2020 Census.

In the list below, find the activity that matches your students’ grade level. Send a message to their parents or guardians with this description and its link to the activities, which they can download themselves. Explain that the teacher version of each activity provides more detailed instructions. Alternatively, you can download the activity and send it as an attachment.

The 2020 Census has begun! Email these activities and the take-home flyer to parents and guardians to remind them to complete the census today.


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We provide more than 100 activities that you can use to enhance and invigorate learning in many subjects. New activities, designed specifically for the 2019-2020 school year, spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children.