Putting 2020 Census Rumors to Rest

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Hey Siri! Why Is the 2020 Census Important?

Putting 2020 Census Rumors to Rest

Every decade, technology plays a greater role in the way the census is conducted. 

For the first time during a decennial census, the majority of people in the United States are using digital and social media in their everyday lives.

“The rise of digital and social media use has exponentially increased the speed of how accurate and inaccurate information can spread,” said Stephen Buckner, assistant director for communications at the U.S. Census Bureau. “We know that many people may not know what the census is because it happens only every 10 years, making it a likely target for misinformation and disinformation campaigns, which is why we’ve been actively preparing to defend against them.”

To prevent the spread of fake, false and inaccurate information, that can negatively influence 2020 Census participation and response, the Census Bureau has established the government’s first ever Trust & Safety Team to protect the count.  

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To learn more about: 

  • How we are working with social media platforms and why it matters
  • Collaborating with other government agencies
  • Working with civil society organizations
  • Working with the Better Business Bureau and AARP and
  • How you can help  

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