Here's What Partners Can Do Now to Support the 2020 Census

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Here's What Partners Can Do Now to Support the 2020 Census

2020 Census Hiring Thousands of Workers Ramps Up

As a supporter of the 2020 Census, you can make a difference in your community right now by helping to recruit applicants for census jobs.

Everyone is invited to apply—from retirees to college students to those simply looking to earn extra income. Census jobs provide weekly pay, flexible hours, and even training is paid. 

Resources to Promote 2020 Census Jobs

Several resources are available to help you promote 2020 Census job opportunities, whether you have just a few minutes for a social media post or can host a recruiting event in your community. Visit our website to find resources that include a recruitment toolkit with sample social media posts and email messages, a jobs fact sheet, flyers, videos, and graphics.

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Make an Impact in Your Community

By working for the U.S. Census Bureau, members of your community have a unique opportunity to help make the 2020 Census a complete and accurate count. Census data impacts programs and services like:

  • Medicaid
  • School lunch programs
  • Community development grants
  • Road and school construction
  • Medical services
  • Business locations

Jobs are located throughout the United States and pay rates vary by position and location. Interested individuals can complete an online application in about 30 minutes.

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About Census Partnerships

From corporations to policymakers, foundations and non-profits to software developers, the U.S. Census Bureau partners across sectors and industries to help America work better through data. Together we harness the power of our data, support each other’s missions, and co-create solutions to increase data use and participation in Census Bureau surveys and programs, including the upcoming 2020 Census. Connect with the Census Partnerships Team at to learn more.