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Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record

Licensees must switch to revised Form 4473 by Nov. 1, 2020

The Office of Management and Budget recently approved the revised ATF Form 4473 and associated continuation sheet. All federal firearms licensees (FFLs) must begin using this form on November 1, 2020. After that date, you may no longer use the previous edition (Oct 2016) of the Form 4473 as it will be obsolete.

ATF intends to begin shipping the new form to FFLs in late July 2020. The initial shipment will contain 50 ATF Forms 4473 for each FFL. Additionally, to assist FFLs with an efficient transition for use of the revised Form 4473, ATF will be accepting preorders for the new form. Please note you may only order a maximum of 3,000 forms. 

To place a preorder for the revised Forms 4473 and continuation sheets in both English and Spanish, please fill out the form at

Your preordered ATF Forms 4473 and continuation sheets will be processed and shipped by the ATF Distribution Center beginning in late July 2020. Do not place duplicate preorders with the Distribution Center, as duplicate orders will cause shipment delays.

For additional information or questions, please contact your local ATF office, visit the ATF website, or email

Preorder the revised 4473