Bump Stock Ruling

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Bump Stock Ruling

Bump stock from Slide Fire Solutions with its interface block removed

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announces that the Department of Justice has amended the regulations of ATF, clarifying that bump stocks fall within the definition of "machine gun" under federal law.


What You Should Know?

  • Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull.
  • The new rule goes into effect 90 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register.


What's Next?

ATF has created a new page to discuss options available for current owners of bump-stock-type firearms to allow them time to get rid of them by the effective date of the final rule. Owners can destroy the device by either melting, shredding, or crushing it. To learn more about destroying the devices, visit www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/bump-stocks/how-to-destroy


The second option for owners is to turn them in. It is preferred that owners contact their nearest ATF office to make an appointment. To find the location of your nearest ATF office visit: www.atf.gov/contact/local-atf-offices.


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