What's the Next Big Question? A.I.

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Air Force Office of Scientific Research
What's the Next Big Question? A.I.

What's the Next Big Question? A.I.

Leaders in A.I. Discuss the Science of the Future

Basic research is a long game. It is a high-risk pursuit of an idea, challenge or unanswered scientific question that can often take decades to solve. In the year 2040 and beyond, there are outstanding questions to consider to explore significant advances in learning/reasoning. And during the next two decades there are fascinating questions that will guide us to 2040...

Join us on Wed., Feb 2nd, at 2PM ET, for the next installment of our ongoing series of two hour sessions with leaders in AI, including Rauf Izmaliov, Peraton Labs, Vladimir Vapnik, Columbia, Katerina Fragkiadaki, Carnegie Mellon, Carla Gomez, Cornell, Bart Selmen, Cornell, Benji Maruyama, AFRL and Doug Riecken, AFRL/AFOSR, as they discuss the science of the future, the pursuit of ideas, and unanswered questions. Panel bios

Just like in any other area, it is basic science that underpins the A.I. capabilities needed to maintain a competitive military and technological advantage in the digital era.