Latest designs of the Families and Homes Hub and addressing misinformation about services

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Addressing misinformation about Hub services

Following recent speculation around probation services being offered at the Hub, we would like to reassure residents that this is not true.

When the suggestion of a Families and Homes Hub was first made, a long list of possible services it might offer was prepared and some of the organisations on that list were removed as not being suitable, including the National Probation Service.

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What services will be on offer?

Families and Homes Hub services

The Families and Homes Hub will provide Waltham Forest residents with access to the Council’s social care and housing teams in a safe and welcoming environment. The services that will be provided will include housing solutions advice, some Youth Offending Services appointments and social care appointments and will be a joined-up Council service offer for local residents.

The plans for the Hub are at an early stage and the proposed design will include:

  • A self-check-in reception space and signposting to relevant services
  • A flexible pop-up space showing residents how Council services and programmes can help them
  • A meet and greet area
  • Assessment and interview areas, offering open and private spaces
  • Touchdown workspace for Council officers to use in between meetings with residents
Family of four

Currently, these services operate locally in Willow House, Cedar Wood House and Rowan House.

Moving them into one building will make it more convenient for residents and will mean a more efficient service from staff.

Housing advice and social care appointments will be available, giving greater privacy, and a small number of appointments involving the Youth Offending Service (YOS) will also move from the previous three buildings into the new Hub.

The YOS works with children who have come into contact with the justice system and their families so it is sensible to have them at the Hub where support for young people and families is available.

See FAQs about the Families and Homes Hub development

Designs changed after last engagement event

Families and Homes Hub designs

Since the public consultation on 29 September 2020, the architects and project team have been working through feedback they've received from residents.

As a result, some changes have been made, including:

  • Separate entrances for the homes and Hub
  • A possible retail unit on the ground floor facing the junction of Forest Road and Wood Street
  • New layout of homes to reduce overlooking of neighbouring properties
  • Moving the proposed building further back on the site giving more space outside for pedestrians and landscaping
  • Using the Portland stone, including the carved figures, to create features within the design

More suggestions were made at the information event on Tuesday 8 December 2020 and these will be considered before a planning application is prepared.

We expect the planning application will be submitted in January 2021 and will let you have details in an email newsletter at that time.

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Working with Woodside

Families and Homes Hub Woodside school

The project team is working closely with Woodside Primary Academy to make sure they are kept in touch with what is happening when and can let us know their views.

This includes focused engagement sessions around the demolition works and design of the new building, and open lines of communication to take onboard any feedback or concerns the school has.

As well, minimising potential overlooking of the school is a key consideration in the design of the development.

The design has developed to include features such as smaller windows on the school-facing side of the building, an increased distance from the school to the new building, and the use of inset as opposed to cantilevered balconies.

Demolition work underway

Wood Street Library

The first phase of the demolition work is now underway and involves ‘soft stripping’ to remove all non-structural elements from inside and outside of the building.

This will run until Wednesday 23 December 2020.

The second and final phase will involve the removal of the building structure and is scheduled to start in January 2021.

Vehicles involved in the demolition avoid school arrival and departure times to improve road safety and reduce congestion.

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