Three final virtual meetings for residents to ask questions on Local Plan

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Residents share views on Draft Local Plan

Draft Local Plan Site Allocations cover 2020

Since September we have held six drop-in events for residents to meet Planning Policy offers to discuss the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations which identifies 68 possible places in the borough where development may take place.

Two events were held in each area – North, Central and South Waltham Forest – and maintained social distancing.

In early November we held one virtual meeting in each area and there are three left, which will take place in late November.

We have also held events where specific groups, such as young people, were able to share their views on the Local Plan which will govern planning in Waltham Forest until 2035.

Second consultation underway on Part 1

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Last summer we consulted on the Local Plan Strategic Policies and published a 750-page document responding to around 2,000 comments made during that engagement.

We have now split the Local Plan in to two parts.

The Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Polices, which takes account of comments made last year, was approved by Cabinet on Thursday 8 October 2020 and from Monday 26 October 2020 a formal consultation started.

This consultation focuses specifically on the tests of 'soundness' set out in Government planning guidance. These tests relate to whether the Plan has been positively prepared, is justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

The representation form includes a guidance note. These test will form the basis of the Inspector's assessment when the plan is submitted for examination by spring 2021.

Any comments received will be sent to the Planning Inspector.

You can also see the documents that form the Evidence Base for the whole Local Plan.

See and comment on Local Plan 1 and see the Evidence Base

Hat trick of virtual events complete formal engagement meetings

Virtual meeting stock image

There are three more virtual meetings where residents can talk to Planning Policy officers about the Local Plan.

So we can plan for these meetings we ask that you register your interest in the event(s) you wish to attend.

On Monday 23 November 2020 we turn the spotlight on North Waltham Forest.

Book your place for North Waltham Forest

On Tuesday 24 November 2020 we turn the spotlight on South Waltham Forest.

Book your place for South Waltham Forest

On Wednesday 25 November 2020 we turn the spotlight on Central Waltham Forest.

Book your place for Central Waltham Forest

Key points about the draft Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations

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The 65 sites listed in the draft Site Allocations document are land that has been identified as having the capacity for redevelopment to provide new homes, employment space, retail, social infrastructure etc over the next 15 years. They are not necessarily earmarked for development.

Some sites are currently the subject of live planning applications. These applications are independent of the Local Plan Part 2 Site Allocations document and will not necessarily be given planning permission.

If a landowner wanted to redevelop their site in the next 15 years,  they would still need to apply for planning permission.

No existing uses would be lost to any of the sites. The Local Plan asks for these to be re-provided. The aim is to add to what’s there, not take any facilities away. For example, if there is a leisure centre there now, there would still be a leisure centre in the future.

Sharing your views with us

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We want your views on both parts of the Local Plan but they MUST be seperate if you want them to count in the formal consultation response.

The deadline for comments to reach the Council is Monday 14 December 2020.

The consultation work will once again cover North, Central and South Waltham Forest so people living in each of the three areas will be able to focus on where they live.

  • The easiest, and safest, way to share your views is using our online survey form which captures exactly what you said on each site.
  • Write to us with your views. Please type or write clearly, as some handwriting last year was not easily read and we want to properly capture your views.

If you have questions:

  • We are trialling some face to face events to see how they work. Our staff will be maintaining social distancing as we as wearing protective face coverings to meet current Ghealth and safety advice.
  • There will also be a series of virtual events held where the Council’s Planning Policy Team will be available to answer questions.

What happens next?

Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government name plate

When the consultations close on Monday 14 December 2020 a team of officers will look at every comment made by residents and consider its impact on the Local Plan.

A report will be prepared on the consultations and presented to the Cabinet during early 2021.

Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Polices will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government who will appoint an independent Planning Inspector to hold a public hearing on the content.

Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations will be subject to further public engagement during 2021 so residents can see changes made following public views expressed this autumn.

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