First work starting at The Score next week, sleepers for fruit and veg beds

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The Score Centre and Feel Good Too News

Walthom Forest

Works begin at The Score


The first week of November will see Taylor Wimpey start enabling work start on The Score Centre site to prepare for  building work which is due to start in 2021.

This enabling work will map where utility services run on the site and identify any that need moving/

Additionally, test bore holes will be made in key locations so the developer knows what to expect when they start work.

Work will also start to clear the site in preparation for the redevelopment.

The Score Centre site in Leyton is currently the largest project in the Council’sregeneration  programme bringing new facilities and homes to this part of our borough.

The planning approval for the site includes:

  • 750 new homes contributing to meeting the borough’s housing need, with 50 per cent of them affordable
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  • an attractive civic square with shops and cafes
  • commercial space
  • a health hub
  • a pre-school nursery
  • an enhanced sports and leisure centre for indoor sports with community facilities as well as meeting rooms
  • landscaping
  • imprvements to public areas

See details of the scheme

Sleepers will help create beds

Score Centre oak sleepers

Wooden railway sleepers from The Score site have been on the move as the Council wanted to reuse them to create planters, to help meet the increasing demand from local residents for allotments and growing beds.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began many more residents are wanting to grow their own fruit, flowers and vegetables as a way of relaxing, getting some exercise and eating healthily at a low cost.

The sleepers from The Score are ideal for making raised beds so people who have difficulty bending down to ground level can still grow their own.



Score Centre raised beds

The sleepers were taken from The Score site and are being used to create raised beds at Cann Hall Park, Jubilee Park, Simmons Lane Allotments, Oliver Road Allotments and Grosvenor Court.

In total the Allotments Team was able to recycle 30 planters.

These growing beds are additional to the ones at the Feel Good Too centre, which were paid for by The Score development and have been well used this year to grow a wide variety of products.

Find out about local allotments

Green theme for The Score development

The proposals for The Score redevelopment include features that will reduce the impact of the scheme on the environment as part of the Council's work on the Climate Emergency.

These include:

  • Modern sports, health care and pre-school nursery facilities which are more energy efficient than current facilities
  • A district heating energy centre that will provide heating and hot water to the flats and the other facilities on the site
  • Solar panels to generate electricty 
  • Being car free, except for people with mobility issues, to reduce vehicle emissions
  • High quality parking for all cycle users to encourage residents and visitors to cycle rather than use motor vehicles
  • Enhanced waste and recyling facilities to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill or for incineration
  • Planting of trees, shrubs and landscaping which will help improve air quality

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