Blackhorse Junction - work begins to create safer and easier travel

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Blackhorse Station with The Standard and flats behind

Blackhorse Junction News 

Walthom Forest

Junction work on target for completion date

Blackhorse Junction

Since we started work in June 2019 we are well on target for the junction works to be completed by summer this year.

The new granite pavements on the south of the junction are complete and work has now switched to the north with work well underway opposite the former Standard pub outside the parade of shops.

By the end of February we should be ready for Transport for London (TfL) to start installing the new traffic signals to make this a much safer and easier junction for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

Cycle stands are also due to be installed around the junction .

The final stage of the work will be to resurface the road on all four arms of the junction which is planned for April.

Drinking Water Fountain - Mayor Of London

If you use Blackhorse Station there’s further improvements coming that will benefit you.

Already we’ve planted four Silver Birch trees outside the station as part of our work to reduce the impact of the Climate Emergency.

We’re in discussions with Transport for London and London Underground to install an 86 space cycle hub within the current station car park area, to complement the network of 7 we already have elsewhere in the borough.

We will also be installing a drinking fountain on the pavement outside the station, as we have done elsewhere in the borough.

These fountains - funded by the Mayor of London - are easily identifiable by a water droplet design and each one is fitted with a device to measure the amount of water dispensed to demonstrate the equivalent number of single-use plastic bottles saved, when you refill!

Comment on plans to boost pollinator numbers

Honey bee on flower

We all know how important pollinators are for the production of our food as well as the role they play in helping tackle the Climate Emergency.

Waltham Forest Council is currently consulting with residents to help us draft a Pollinator Action Plan (PAP) which:

  • highlights the steps the Council proposes to take to help pollinators
  • suggests ways that residents, businesses and community groups can help pollinators

Read the Pollinator Action Plan

Before the Pollinator Action Plan is agreed we want to hear your views on the suggestions it contains and also any other ideas you think should be included.

Please complete this short survey by Monday 2 March 2020.

Share your views on the PAP

Ward changes planned by Boundary Commission

Ballot Box voting

As part of its routine work the Boundary Commission has published its recommended changes for Waltham Forest Council.

The changes aim to make each councillor represent around the same number of residents.

The boundaries of every Ward in the borough change, some wards disappear, and some new wards are created.

Overall there will still be 60 councillors but there will be 22 wards instead of the current 20.

Currently every Ward has three councillors. Under the new proposals there will be 16 wards with three councillors and six with two councillors.

Read the full report

The consultation allows any individual or organisation to comment on the Boundary Commission's recommendations.

The closing date for consultation responses is Monday 2 March 2020.

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