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Climate Emergency News

Walthom Forest

Have your say on the biggest issue facing the planet today

Climate emergency

Tell us how important tackling the climate emergency is to you, how effective you think the Council’s efforts have been so far, what more you think could be done and what you could do or are already doing. The Climate Emergency Commission’s recommendations will be made drawing upon a range of evidence, expertise and results of the survey from local residents. Complete the survey here.

Commission Meeting Two: Transport

Members of the Commission met for the second time last week to review the Council’s transport approach.

We're leading the way not just in London, but across the UK, in helping residents ditch their car and walk and cycle more – research shows cycle use has doubled, more people are walking and air quality in the borough has and continues to improve - Waltham Forest households exposed to illegal levels of NO2 has dropped from 58,000 to 6,300 and children born since 2013 are living longer, 6 weeks in fact! We're also securing international recognition for our work in delivering and prioritising safer routes for walking and cycling and providing the infrastructure to do so, with recent visits from officials from New Zealand and Germany. But we know we all need to do a lot, lot more in this area to address the climate emergency so following the successful launch of our first two School Streets, we will be announcing a further batch of consultations to help reduce the car based ‘School Run’. We look forward to the Commission’s reflections on our work and help in developing even bolder initiatives in this area.

Read the meeting minutes here.

Did you know?

Car idling

1.6million car trips in London are less than 2km and could be walked in up to 25 minutes.

Want to change one thing this week? 

One day this week, ditch the car and walk instead - it's better for you and the environment.

Inside the mind of your co-chair Syed Ahmed

WalkInStow_220919_Cllr Loakes + Syed Ahmed

Meet Syed Ahmed, your co-chair of the Climate Emergency Commission. Having declared a Climate Emergency in April, we are working with the Commission - experts in the field - to help tackle the climate emergency. We are delighted to be able to share with you Syed's initial thoughts. You can read his blog here.

Energy savings exceed £5m over ten years

Bright idea

In an effort to address climate change, over the last decade the Council has invested more than £2.4m in energy efficiency improvements, helping to reduce its carbon emissions by 2,721 tonnes of CO2 a year, equal to taking over 530 cars off roads a year. These savings are estimated at £525,645 annually, will help to offset possible future increases in wholesale energy and over a ten-year lifecycle the council expects to save £5.25m in reduced energy costs and generate a CO2 savings of 27,000 tonnes. Read more here

Solar panels save money and protect the environment

Solar Panel installation

Solar Together, a partnership with the GLA, is one of the many ways Waltham Forest is acting to counter the Climate Emergency. Residents can now register for the solar photovoltaic (PV) group-buying scheme. It is free to register and there is no obligation to install panels. 

Find out whether you’re eligible for the scheme and register here.

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