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7 May 2021


Coronavirus: Tourism Industry Update

Please follow the news reports and for latest advice regularly visit the Public Health Wales website and the Business Wales website

BULLETIN CONTENTS - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses; Frequently Asked Questions; REMINDER: COVID-19 checklists for tourism and hospitality businesses; COVID-19 UK Tourism Consumer Tracker Survey; New online tools to help prevent, lower and manage stress at work; Useful COVID-19 information.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

As we look at a phased re-opening, please ensure that you are aware of the Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality businesses

As each premises is different, businesses should read all guidance to understand the measures to be considered to re-open the business safely.

The following additional measures are intended to provide further advice for businesses and must be considered in line with the UKHospitality Wales Guidance and the Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality.

Businesses should also consider, where appropriate:

  • Strengthening their policy on safe disposal of face coverings for staff and visitors
  • Introducing measures for staff and visitors, on arrival, such as taking temperature tests, asking people to sanitise their hands and asking questions around whether they are displaying any symptoms.
  • Considering the flow of guests/visitors and how to avoid any household mixing by keeping guests/visitors apart as they move around the premises throughout their visit/stay, with particular regard to enclosed public areas such as lifts, stairs and corridors
  • Instructing guests/visitors to move through enclosed public areas as quickly as possible, and to avoid shouting or singing in such areas
  • Within accommodation, ensuring that guests keep the doors to their rooms closed at all times, apart from when entering and leaving.
  • Staggering room service/laundry delivery etc to rooms, to avoid guests opening doors and coming out at the same time.
  • Reviewing their incident and emergency procedures to ensure they reflect the physical distancing principles as far as possible, including considering how to minimise household-mixing when congregating in fire assembly areas.

Businesses should also -

  • Ensure that orders are taken and consumed at the table – that guests/visitors are not standing around at the premises
  • Maximise ventilation and enhance airflow by opening windows and propping open internal doors (but not fire doors) where possible.

Welsh Government have produced the five key steps that all those responsible for work in Wales should implement to Keep Wales Safe.

Please visit the Business Wales Keep Wales Safe at Work pages for further information for your business on dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Coronavirus can be found on Gov.Wales.

These continue to be updated so please check back regularly for the latest information.

REMINDER: COVID-19 checklists for tourism and hospitality businesses

Updated checklists are available to support the Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality businesses.

These checklists outline the key measures for Social DistancingHygiene and Keeping Records you should implement to keep your staff, customers and visitors safe. 

Business Action Card is also available and this provides you with information on how to keep COVID-19 out of your premises, what action to take when an employee or customer tests positive and how can you minimise the spread of COVID-19 in your business. This has also been shared as guidance to enforcement officers with Environmental Health teams and Incident Management Teams at Local Authorities for use as they visit hospitality businesses.

Additional Keep Wales Safe assets for use on social media are also available.

COVID-19 UK Tourism Consumer Tracker Survey

The latest report on consumer sentiment and trip intentions from the UK market is available on the VisitBritain website based on 19-23 April fieldwork. Results show a continuing improvement in confidence to travel domestically but only a small increase in the proportion who have booked a spring or summer trip in the UK since the previous wave.  

New online tools to help prevent, lower and manage stress at work

There are 6 key factors to consider in the workplace that, if not properly managed, are associated with poor health, lower productivity and increased accident and sickness absence rates.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a new stress indicator tool to measure attitudes and perceptions towards work-related stress.

Visit the Business Wales website for more details.

Useful COVID-19 information

As each premises is different, businesses should read all guidance. This continues to be updated so please check back regularly for the latest information.

Stay up to date with tourism industry news

We are committed to providing the support and assurance the business community needs during these unprecedented difficult times and have issued several Coronavirus (COVID-19) related bulletins which can be found on the Tourism Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletins page. 

Business Wales is providing businesses with tailored support and advice about dealing with coronavirus, from financial and supply chain planning to advice on staffing issues. We would advise Tourism businesses and stakeholders in Wales wanting specific guidance to visit the Business Wales website or call Business Wales helpline on 03000 6 03000, and to regularly visit the Public Health Wales website for up-to-date public health information for you, your staff and your visitors.