Food and Drink New UK GI Scheme 1st January 2021 Newsletter

20 November 2020


Food and Drink New UK GI Scheme 1st January 2021 Newsletter

When the UK leaves the EU on the 1st January 2021 there will be a new UK Geographical Indication (UK GI) Scheme which will replace the Europeans Union’s Scheme.

GIs are a form of intellectual property protection used to identify products whose quality, and reputation are linked to the place where they have been produced or the method by which they have been produced.

The UK GI Scheme will have three new logos depending upon different designations. These logos will provide confidence to both consumers and trade, that our UK GI products are officially linked to origin and the new logos will be a guarantee of their authenticity.

New UK GI logos

UK GI Logos

Use of the logo

From the 1st Jan 2024, use of the relevant GI logo, when selling in the UK is

  • mandatory or agri-food GIs
  • optional for wines/spirits GIs

Further information about the new scheme can be obtained from the Defra website 

Benefits of having GI status

  • Independent Globally recognised quality mark
  • Legal protection against imitation, misuse and fraud
  • Provides a Unique Selling Point (USP) and marketing tool

Wales currently has 16 GIs, ranging from Traditional Welsh Caerphilly to Halen MÔn and Welsh Lamb.  All products within our ‘Welsh GI family’ will continue to be legally protected under the new UK GI Scheme. Wales is leading the way in recognising iconic produce. 10 of the last 12 products to achieve GI status in the UK have been Welsh.

WG UK GI Producer

Photo caption Conwy Mussels PDO

In the link below, Welsh Minister for Environment Energy and Rural Affairs – Lesley Griffiths, celebrates and champions our existing ‘Welsh GI family’ and encourages new applications for UK GI status from all Food and Drink categories in Wales. UK GI status will also be the ‘stepping stone’ for any new Welsh UK GI product wishing to apply for EU GI status.

Support available

Further guidance and support is available to Welsh producers. For more information on all GI related queries contact us at


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