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14 August 2020


Coronavirus: Tourism Industry Update

The situation is developing quickly. Please follow the news reports and for latest advice regularly visit the Public Health Wales website and the Business Wales website

BULLETIN CONTENTS - Changes to allow more families to meet up; Help spread safety messages; COVID-19 UK Tourism Consumer Tracker Survey; Optional badges and lanyards to promote ongoing social distancing; Introduction of new smoke-free requirements legislation; Free ‘Iaith Gwaith’ merchandise for your business

Changes to allow more families to meet up

Welsh Government introduces new enforcement powers to make sure all premises follow Covid rules.

If conditions remain stable over the next week, people will be able to see more of their family and friends as part of the next review of Wales’ coronavirus restrictions, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced today (Fri 14th August).

The intention is that from Saturday 22nd August:

  • Up to four households will be able to join together to form a single extended household.
  • A meal following a wedding, civil partnership or funeral will be allowed for up to 30 people indoors if social distancing can be maintained.

However, the Welsh Government will not be making any changes to the rules on people meeting indoors with people who aren’t part of their household or extended household. This means that people should only visit pubs, restaurants or other places indoors with people from their household or extended household.

Amendments to the regulations will also come into force next week to make it obligatory for hospitality businesses and other high-risk settings to collect contact details of customers. Collecting this information is essential for Wales’ test trace protect strategy for testing the general public and preventing the spread of coronavirus. Placing this in the regulations will make it clear to managers of premises and to customers that collecting information of this sort is a requirement, not an option.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:

“Wales has come together to tackle the spread of this virus and the action we have taken together has made a real difference. The number of cases continue to fall and this means we will be able introduce new changes to allow up to four households to come together and form an extended household.

These are cautious, step by step changes. We are learning from what is happening across the UK and outbreaks are mainly linked to people meeting others inside the home. That is why it is so important we don’t invite people outside our extended households into our homes. We have made so much progress and we mustn’t jeopardise this. That means we are not at a point where we should be visiting anyone’s home at any time. Regulations on meeting outdoors were recently changed to make it easier to do, and this remains by far the safest way to meet.

There are also indications from other parts of the UK where pubs opened earlier than Wales that outbreaks have been linked to those places. If we are to avoid introducing local lockdown measures that could require the whole sector to close, it is vital we can quickly respond to any outbreaks. Providing our contact details when attending these premises will mean people can be contacted quickly by our Test Trace Protect teams if they may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Only by us all doing our part and taking personal responsibility for our actions can we continue to tackle the scourge of coronavirus.

For individuals, this means keeping a two metre distance from others, washing our hands often and wearing a facecovering on public transport. For businesses this means taking action to protect customers, including taking their contact details so we can identify any outbreaks. While many businesses are being careful to collect contact details, there are too many reports of this not happening. As a result, we will be bringing in new regulations next week to make this compulsory.

This pandemic is far from over and we all still have a duty to do our part to keep Wales safe.”

The Welsh Government recently strengthened the powers local authorities have to enforce the regulations.  This enables enforcement officers to issue a Premises Improvement Notice to highlight breaches and specify measures that need be taken on premises to comply with the law. 

Where a Premises Improvement Notice is not complied with, or if there is a serious breach, premises can be closed by issuing a Premises Closure Notice.

Where notices are issued signs will be displayed in a prominent place to inform people that improvement is needed or that a premises has had to close.

Help spread safety messages by becoming a local water safety ambassador for RNLI / HM Coastguard

As more and more people continue to visit the coast businesses can play an invaluable role to support the RNLI by becoming water safety ambassadors.  RNLI together with HM Coastguard launched the #BeBeachSafe campaign at the start of the bathing season and businesses can become ambassadors by making themselves familiar with the key messages and do things such as:

  • Checking which of the beaches are lifeguarded this summer by checking the full list.
  • Warning of the dangers of local beaches that are known to be hazardous particularly those with rip tides and where you can get cut off.
  • Informing people of the different coloured flags on beaches and what they mean.
  • Providing information on tide times and when there are high winds which can be particularly dangerous when using inflatables.    
  • Reminding people that if they fall into the water unexpectedly, they should FLOAT TO LIVE.

From accommodation to retailers and hospitality venues it’s really easy to support the work and raise awareness and the RNLI have produced really useful assets for businesses including downloadable posters and social media graphics to help share messages. 

COVID-19 UK Tourism Consumer Tracker Survey

The latest weekly report from our UK Consumer Tracker survey is now available on the VisitBritain website  showing week 12 findings covering 3 – 7 August. This provides the latest results of attitudes and intentions to take holidays in the UK and Wales this year.

Optional badges and lanyards to promote ongoing social distancing

Maintaining distance can be difficult for some people like those with sight loss or mobility difficulties. It may also be particularly important to people who have been shielding.

Optional badges can be used to show the carrier may have difficulties or concerns in maintaining social distancing. Badges and lanyards are available through The Distance Aware initiative that signal to others that they need to pay attention and give you space. Find out more on the Welsh Government website.  

Introduction of new smoke-free requirements legislation

Welsh Government is planning to introduce new smoking legislation in Wales and would like to hear views on bringing the requirements into force on 1 January 2021.

Enclosed or substantially enclosed workplaces and premises open to the public will remain largely smoke-free (as they are now) and signs will still need to be displayed.

However, there are currently exemptions that allow smoking in self-contained holiday and temporary accommodation and for hotels, guesthouses, inns, hostels and members’ clubs to have smoking bedrooms. These exemptions will be removed 12 months after the legislation comes into force and after that time all of these types of accommodation will have to be smoke-free. Read in full on the Business Wales website.

Free ‘Iaith Gwaith’ merchandise for your business

Do you have staff who speak or are learning Welsh? Wearing a lanyard or badge bearing the Iaith Gwaith logo is a great way of showing customers that you and/or your staff speak or are learning Welsh. Find out how to order your free merchandise.

But why stop there? Helo Blod can also offer practical advice on how to market and promote your business and make the Welsh language more visible in your hotel, shop, café, restaurant, outdoor activities, and on your website and social media platforms.

Helo Blod provides:

  • Free Translations.
  • Text checking.
  • Advice and guidance

Take a look at the Helo Blod website to start making the most of Helo Blod’s services today!

Stay up to date with tourism industry news

We are committed to providing the support and assurance the business community needs during these unprecedented difficult times and have issued several Coronavirus (COVID-19) related bulletins which can be found on the Tourism Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletins page.

Business Wales is providing businesses with tailored support and advice about dealing with coronavirus, from financial and supply chain planning to advice on staffing issues. We would advise Tourism businesses and stakeholders in Wales wanting specific guidance to visit the Business Wales website or call Business Wales helpline on 03000 6 03000, and to regularly visit the Public Health Wales website for up-to-date public health information for you, your staff and your visitors.