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29 June 2020


Visitor Economy guidance

The Visitor Economy guidance is now available.

The purpose of this guidance is to inform businesses working in the visitor economy in Wales of ongoing legal restrictions and requirements related to the coronavirus, and to help them re-open when this is allowed.

In it you will find links to the Test, Trace, Protect strategy which exists to enhance health surveillance in the community, undertake effective and extensive contact tracing, and support people to self-isolate where required to do so. The Welsh Government has published guidance on employers' responsibilities to help with COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. Contact tracing is an important part of the Test, Trace, Protect strategy which will help us live and work alongside the virus while research continues to find more effective treatments and a vaccine.

Early engagement with the tourism, hospitality and events sector, has been essential to start developing a phased approach to re-opening. Over the last three months, the feedback from the Ministerial Tourism Task Force group, together with Regional Fora, individual businesses and representative bodies at a Wales and UK level has enabled us to develop an informed approach to opportunities that can be presented to Ministers as part of the 21 day review process. 

We thank all those individuals and organisations who have worked alongside Welsh Government to prepare this guidance including UK Hospitality Cymru and the Wales Tourism Alliance.

We hope it gives you scope within a practical framework to think about what you need to do to continue, or restart, operations.

The guidance is also available to download as a PDF and includes a checklist and table of links for ease of reference.  

It is current as at 29 June 2020 and will be reviewed in the event of any changes. 

As with all other decisions, the final position will depend on the public health position and the latest scientific evidence about the spread of coronavirus. The current plan is that this will be confirmed at the next review on 9 July.

The current proposals at the last review on 19 June, which are subject to change, envisage re-opening the visitor economy as follows:

6 July 2020


Outdoor visitor attractions

Ministers will lift the requirement on 6 July if the conditions continue to be favourable.

Lifting of current requirement to stay local will mean people are able to travel around Wales and will allow outdoor visitor attractions to open again, subject to strict social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines.

13 July 

Reopening self-contained holiday accommodation

Options for reopening and a final decision will be made at the next review of the regulations on 9 July.

Bookings can be made for stays after 13 July, but this is at people’s own risk and they should check with the accommodation provider before they book.

This includes any accommodation that is entirely self-contained, e.g. holiday cottages, holiday caravans including modern touring caravans and motorhomes and some glamping accommodation with their own kitchens and bathrooms that no other guests use.

Also in this category:

  • Hotels and other serviced accommodation (e.g. B&Bs, hostels, etc.) that do provide en-suite rooms and can provide room service meals.
  • Caravan parks where accommodation is entirely self-contained – but shared facilities on the premises will remain closed, such as swimming pools, leisure facilities, shared shower and toilets blocks, shared laundry, etc, and public areas in other accommodation types.  This means any caravan or touring site where individual accommodation has its own supply of water for on board shower, WC and cooking with strict application of guidance on shared waste disposal and water points.

All shared facilities, aside from water and disposal points, should remain closed including toilets, shower blocks, laundry, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafes, etc. 

To be confirmed

Camping and caravanning; Indoor visitor attractions; *Pubs, bars and restaurants; and other businesses in the visitor economy

 (*Pubs, bars and restaurants – a fast track review is being undertaken)


Business Wales is providing businesses with tailored support and advice about dealing with coronavirus, from financial and supply chain planning to advice on staffing issues. We would advise Tourism businesses and stakeholders in Wales wanting specific guidance to visit the Business Wales website or call Business Wales helpline on 03000 6 03000, and to regularly visit the Public Health Wales website for up-to-date public health information for you, your staff and your visitors.