First Welsh National Marine Plan launches

14 November 2019


On 12 November Lesley Griffiths AM, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs published the first ever Welsh National Marine Plan, setting out our vision for the sustainable development of our seas over the next 20 years.

Lesley Griffiths

Speaking in the Senedd the Minister said,


"I am pleased to announce the publication and adoption of the first Welsh National Marine Plan, setting out a 20 year vision for clean, healthy and productive Welsh waters. I would like this opportunity to thank the members of the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee whose recommendations have helped to inform the plan, and the many interested stakeholders and partners who have contributed their time, expertise and ideas.


The publication of this Welsh National Marine Plan is our opportunity to develop a distinctively Welsh approach to the management of our seas in line with the goals and ways of working enshrined in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. If we manage our seas wisely, they can play a vital role in regulating the impacts of climate change and protecting our most precious species. Economic activity in our seas contributes millions of pounds and thousands of jobs which benefit our coastal communities and our economy as a whole. Our iconic coastline is fundamental to our cultural heritage and identity."

Read the full transcript and or watch proceedings.

Wales' first National Marine Plan

The WNMP has been prepared and adopted under the Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009), which provides the basis for marine planning across the UK. It contains plans and policies for both the inshore (out to 12 nautical miles) and offshore regions (12 to 200 nautical miles).


WNMP: Supporting documents

We've also published a number of supporting documents with the plan:


Habitats Regulation Assessment - An independent report to understand how our marine plan might affect wildlife.



Sustainability Appraisal - An independent report to ensure our marine plan meets sustainability and well-being goals.



Summary of changes following consultation - Lists the changes made to the draft WNMP following the consultation.





We've also updated our Marine Planning portal which presents the best available evidence for the Marine Plan area. There is also a FAQ.


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We are working on the first Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP) which sets out Welsh Government’s policy for the next 20 years for the sustainable use of our seas.

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