Healthy Lives Families Update - TH vaccine helpline, Bromley By Bow Centre, a calm moment, parent conflict and help with your teenager

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The Healthy Lives Team Families update contains helpful information and activities for your whole school community


This is the FAMILIES newsletter from The Healthy Lives Team. Each Friday we share relevant information, activities and resources to support your ongoing health and wellbeing.

The HEALTHY LIVES TEAM supports schools, pupils and families with everything to do with health and wellbeing. We want to help you to live fitter, healthier and happier lives.

We now have a Healthy Lives Team webpage where you can find out more about the team and access Healthy Schools resources and all our archived newsletters.


A new Tower Hamlets helpline to support those who are eligible for the vaccine

A new helpline has opened to support those who are eligible for the vaccine.  Benefits of the helpline include speaking community languages; supporting those who are digitally excluded; tackling vaccine hesitancy and booking appointments directly with GPs.

Whilst not every young person is eligible for a vaccine right now, there will be conversations going on in households across the borough with parents/grandparents, and others, who are currently eligible, or will be soon. So you can now get support by calling 020 7364 3030.


The Bromley By Bow Centre

The Bromley By Bow Centre are delivering a families' activity program "Active Together" online. If you are interested, please complete the registration form or contact Jolanda on 07741 332 619 or email

In addition, the Bromley By Bow Centre have a Facebook group which provides a wide range of information around healthy eating and nutrition and other physical and mental wellbeing topics for families with primary school age children. There are also some live activity sessions.

Register here > Facebook page >


Moment of relaxation

A short, animated relaxation to help you step away from digital distractions, and find a moment of calm in your day.

Find a little space to care for your mind, wherever you are, and whenever you like.

Take a relaxing moment >


A new webpage for parents and carers in conflict or separating

All parents and carers sometimes argue with one another, but sometimes conflict can increase to a level that is not healthy for the family. 

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has put together some tips on reducing the impact of conflict between parents and carers on children.

Find out more >


BBC Bitesize top tips for understanding your teenager in the ‘new normal’

Being a teenager is tough at the best of times. But this isn’t the best of times. So, as a parent, how do you continue to support your teenager?

What do their behaviours and emotions tell you about what’s going on for them? And how do you untangle those which are an understandable response to the restrictions of the pandemic, those which are typical of the teenage years, and those which might warrant more specialist help?

 Top tips >

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"There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made."

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