Be inspired to run, relax and make pizza - Friday 1 May

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Welcome to your Tower Hamlets Healthy Lives update

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Welcome to your new look Healthy Lives update.

The Tower Hamlets Healthy Lives team runs the Healthy Schools programme across all of the schools in our borough - primary, secondary and special. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are creating this newsletter to share exciting activities and fun ways for you to spend your time with your family. So, whether you're at home with your children, working from home or a key worker going to work, there's something for you.

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Kate Smith, Head of Healthy Lives, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Here's a selection of fun activities for you today...


Online Maths

What time is it?

Time may feel as though it is standing still right now, but the ability to tell the time remains an essential life skill. Encourage your children to take this fun challenge from 'Oxford Owl' to draw the time using hour and minute hands and convert a digital clock in 24-hour format to tell the time using a traditional wall clock.

Test your time skills >

TH Daily Mile Event

Take the daily mile challenge

Have you completed the #DailyMileAtHome yet? All you have to do is go outside for a walk, jog or a run (or a combination of all three) for 15 minutes near to where you live. Remember to stay at least two metres away from other people. You can use the streets, green spaces or pavements around your home – just watch out for lampposts if you are having a Usain Bolt moment ⚡

Daily mile challenge >

Baby Sleeping

Relaxation tips for children

Feeling relaxed is important in the run-up to bedtime for both you and your child. If your child is experiencing difficulties sleeping, it can make you both feel anxious. Children pick-up on the stress levels of those around them so, if possible, try to keep calm as bedtime approaches.

Tips to sleep better >

Spin Painting

Make a spin painting

Damien Hurst is a famous British artist and this is one of his spin paintings. To make them he stands on a ladder and pours paint onto a large circular canvas. As he pours the paint, the canvas is rotated by a machine, like a disc on a record player.

Make your own spin painting >


Four seasons pizza recipe 🍕

Everyone loves pizza (or nearly everyone). It's really fun to make and usually a lot healthier and cheaper than buying from a shop. How many different toppings can you add? Are there any new toppings you can try? Mix it up and see what the tastiest combination is.

Make your own pizza >


Coronavirus updates and advice

The council is supporting the nation's efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, while running our most critical services and supporting our residents, including those that are vulnerable.  

We are regularly publishing advice for residents, local businesses and more at 

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Stay at home

More on staying healthy, happy and entertained at home

In addition to the highlights featured here, the council has put together a whole host of resources to help families and individuals stay happy, healthy and entertained while they spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From online Idea Store materials to educational activities, learning a new skill or hobby, taking a virtual museum or zoo tour, keeping fit or just having pure fun, we've got it all in one place.

More activities and resources >

And remember...

Tabby McCat

Tabby McTat. Photograph: Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson 2020

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The Healthy Lives Team wants to support you with all aspects of health and well-being. We will be sending you regular newsletters that will be relevant whether you are at home with your children, working from home or at school. 

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