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23 October 2020

Spread of cases reinforces the need for rules to be observed

The past week has seen a welcome reduction in the number of cases at Exeter University

But having seen cases concentrated in the younger age groups over recent weeks, there are signs that as in the rest of the country, community spread of the virus is increasing with more older people being affected. Hospitals are also facing increased pressure, underlining the importance of all of us doing everything we can to minimise the spread of the virus.

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Although our case numbers continue to remain low compared to the rest of the country, it is important that we meet the challenge of the coming weeks.  Without everyone following the guidelines, half term, Halloween and Bonfire Night could increase social contact resulting in further virus spread.

Make space to protect my mates

Professor Debra Lapthorne, Regional Director of Public Health, and Mike Wade, Deputy Director of Health Protection at Public Health England South West have written an article explaining the numbers, the threat winter poses and the challenges to the NHS of dealing with Covid related cases while trying to also provide other procedures and services. They stress that by everyone playing their part in keeping Covid-19 numbers low “we help the NHS; and in turn the NHS will be there to help us, our families and loved ones”.

The best way of doing this is for us not to reduce our guard and for everyone to continue to follow the guidance please - make space, cover faces, wash hands and follow the rule of six

Covid doesn't take a break half term campaign

Be extra careful in half term and follow the rules

Local authorities across the South West are running a social media campaign targeting visitors to the region during next week’s half term holiday warning them that Coronavirus doesn’t take a break and to respect and protect local communities.

Under the hashtag #Respect-Protect-Enjoy, they are being reminded that the Covid rules still apply whilst on holiday and being urged to make space, cover faces and wash hands.

They are also being reminded not to ignore Covid symptoms but to self-isolate if they have them and arrange a test using their holiday address.

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Celebrate Halloween safely and don't risk spreading the virus

Across the South West residents are being advised of the risks of trick or treating helping to spread the virus between households.

Given the difficulties of supervising youngsters whilst maintaining social distancing and the importance of following the rule of six for indoor or outdoor Halloween parties, planning a different type of Halloween makes a lot of sense.

Spooky doorstep halloween celebration

But Halloween at home can still be fun if you channel your creativity into indoor spooky activity while taking precautions to make sure any fancy dress costumes are kept well away from lighted candles.

Examples of possible activity include creating scary windows, holding virtual horror quizzes, running an on line fancy dress competitions, encouraging children to write their own horror story and then read it out in their spookiest voice in a torch lit darkened room or enjoying a movie marathon of old Halloween horror classics.

New carp ark electric charging points - Cllr Jackie Hook

'Super-fast' electric vehicle chargers unveiled

If you have an electric car and live near the Chudleigh Library car park or the Buckfastleigh’s Mardle Way car park, then you may be pleased to know that cutting-edge ‘rapid’ Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points have now been commissioned at both for public use. Payment rates are displayed at each location.

Councillor Jackie Hook, our Executive Member for Climate Change, said: “These two EV charging sites in Teignbridge mark a major milestone in our commitment to move to a more sustainable mode of transport, and we’re grateful to our partners at Devon County Council and Highways England for their contribution to this”.

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Halloween deadline for spookily good leisure offer

From Monday you can become a member at any of our leisure centres without paying a joining fee – saving £25 – when you sign up online or on our Teignbridge leisure app using the promo code spook20adt

For anyone joining as a junior, a £10 saving can be secured using the promo code spook20jnr but you can only join up at one of our centres.

The offers run until Halloween and full details are set out on our website. 

Halloween leisure offer

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Grants to improve household heating

As winter draws nearer, it is a good time to check whether your heating is working properly and that you have taken steps to improve its efficiency, cut costs and make it more environmentally friendly.

In partnership with SSE Energy Solutions Ltd, the Council has introduced two different funding support packages to help improve heating systems. Grant numbers are limited so if you want to take advantage of these offers, register your interest now.

First time gas central heating grants are available from the Warm Homes Fund to private homeowners and tenants to connect 100 properties to the gas network and install gas central heating. In addition to the qualification criteria for park home residents, applicants’ properties must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D,E,F or G. Householders with electric storage heaters or plug-in electrical heaters are likely to benefit most but financial help may be available to householders who wish to upgrade their existing boiler.

Finally the Warm Homes Fund is also offering air source heat pump grants based on the same criteria for householders with electric storage heaters, electric room heating, solid fuel back boilers and room heaters, or no existing heating.

Just email to register your interest or to get more information on these schemes.

Kickstart graphic

Kickstart applications submitted

We've applied this week to the DWP for 82 Kickstart placements on behalf on employers across Teignbridge.

In an effort to help smaller employers and create as many six month placement opportunities for young people as possible, our economic development team has coordinated applications from businesses as the minimum number of placements for any application is 30.  

Of the 82 placements submitted, council teams have identified 14 internal opportunities.

Private sector employers are still showing an interest in the scheme so if there is enough demand, we will submit additional applications. 

If you know of a business that needs additional information about the scheme or wants to register an interest in future applications, please email the team.

Crowdfund Devon

Could crowdfunding help a community project in your area?

A webinar is being run by Crowdfunding Devon at 12pm on Wednesday 11 November aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about this method of fundraising and the potential uses for local projects in Teignbridge and across Devon.

The webinar will explain what crowdfunding is, its benefits and how to apply it to a project successfully as well as the extra funding support which is available in Teignbridge and elsewhere in the county, and include a question and answer session. Booking and further details is available on line.

Help slash food waste this Halloween

Residents are being urged to slash food waste this Halloween by eating the pumpkins they carve up.

The sixth annual Pumpkin Rescue is part of Recycle Devon’s campaign to reduce food waste – an estimated 42 per cent of households will buy pumpkins to use as lanterns.

pumpkin waste

But many will discard the flesh - a scary 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin ends up in the bin each year, equivalent in weight as 1,500 double decker buses.

While this year’s celebrations may be more low key than usual, residents are urged to support the campaign to #EatYourPumpkin.

If you’re planning to buy a pumpkin, here are some top tips to get your money’s worth and reduce waste at the same time:

  • Scoop out and roast the flesh and use to make delicious pumpkin soup, pie, wedges and pasta sauce. Find some tasty pumpkin recipes here.
  • Remove pumpkin seeds and roast for a nutritious snack or use in muesli, smoothies, bread baking or toppings on savoury dishes for a vitamin and mineral boost.
  • After Halloween, smash your pumpkin into small pieces – a great activity for children - and add to your garden compost bin.  Smaller pieces will rot down quicker than large chunks.
  • If you have a food waste collection in your area, cut your pumpkin into chunks and pop it in your food waste caddy so it can be used to generate energy and fertiliser for agriculture.

Additionally you can download Recycle Devon's FREE online recipe book, which includes a variety of non-Halloween dishes HERE.

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