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News, information and support to help our communities through the coronavirus pandemic

24 April 2020

Economic impact of Covid-19 on Teignbridge

Hook and Connett

For individuals, families, charities, businesses and other organisations, in addition to the tragic impact on lives, the economic impact of coronavirus is beginning to take its toll.  Unemployment is increasing and Devon industries such as leisure and tourism face huge financial challenges.

At Teignbridge, we are doing everything we can to support our communities. At a time when our commercial income, which funds half our services, is falling rapidly we are also incurring significant extra costs in providing vital support to local people in need, and this will result in a significant shortfall in our budget – estimated to be around £10m.

The Government’s announcement of significant additional funding to local government is a welcome recognition of the vital role that councils have played in supporting their local communities through this crisis. However, we are waiting to find out the detail of this settlement to see how it will affect our current financial position.

Our Council leader, Cllr Gordon Hook (left) and Executive Lead for Finance, Cllr Alan Connett (right), have written to local MPs and to the Government to seek their assurance that the grant will enable us to continue to provide the kind of local services and support that our local residents and businesses will need to recover from the impact of this crisis

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Unable to get supermarket deliveries?

Bidfoods, one of the national suppliers supporting Government food deliveries to the ‘shielded group’ of vulnerable people, is offering a paid service for others struggling to maintain a regular food supply. Those not part of the shielded group but self-isolating for age or health reasons – and who can afford to pay – can order directly via Bidfoods website. Once you have created a login, you will be able to place an order from the Bidfoods range for next day delivery.

Protecting young people from online abuse

Child Abuse

We’re supporting a new campaign launched by the Devon Safety Partnership to protect young and vulnerable people from online exploitation by criminals during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Local agencies dealing with child protection are concerned that children and young people who are shut in at home and bored may be more susceptible to contact via their social media, chat and online gaming applications.

Running on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the campaign targets young people with warnings about how these criminals operate. There are also messages to alert parents to the greater risks during lockdown.

The warnings are followed by a link to the Devon & Cornwall Police website, where a special page is being built 

The Children’s Society also offers online advice.

Jump for Joy – you can even be a Plank!


As we all face an extended period in lockdown, many of our customers and their families who regularly use our leisure facilities have had to find alternative ways to keep fit, maintain strength and flexibility and try to stick to a healthy weight.

That’s why we will be continuing with our daily programme of online exercise sessions, covering a wide range of fitness routines and levels.

These include what we like to call Jump Day, Hips Day, Plank Day, Squat Day and so on. There’s something for everyone, so come on: Don those shorts, leggings and lycra tops and let’s get physical!

Please see our daily updates on social media for the latest news about sessions you can join for free.

Why not encourage others to get involved by sharing a photo of you doing karate in the kitchen or lunging in the lounge? You can do this on our facebook page or on our Teignbridge Leisure Twitter feed.

And if you have a spare five minutes – and who doesn’t – please take part in the National Fitness Survey. It’s being run by Alliance Leisure  and they’re interested to know how you’re getting on during lockdown and what activities you've been up to. The survey is completely anonymous and no personal contact details will be taken.

Ramadan underway but please stay at home


Traditionally Ramadan is a time for communal prayer, spiritual reflection, meals with extended family and friends to break daily fasts, and concludes with the community celebration of Eid-Al Fitr.

The government’s current stay at home and social distancing rules are supported by a wide variety of Muslim community organisations including the British Board of Scholars and Imams.

Keeping yourself and loved ones well during Ramadan this year will mean adapting usual religious and cultural practices.

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Local plan - how should it respond to climate change?

Climate change

An unexpected spin-off from the wide-ranging impact of Covid-19 is how some elements of our natural world are responding to a global change in human activity. Many believe this underlines the importance and urgency of measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

The transition to a carbon neutral future is a key challenge that our Local Plan seeks to address, whilst also delivering Teignbridge’s contribution to solving the long-standing national housing crisis. The answer is finding the right balance between these twin aims, so achieving the Sustainable Teignbridge that was the theme of last week’s Local Plan promotions.

Teignbridge’s ‘Climate Declaration’ sets us the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 - a much tougher challenge than the UK commitment of 2050.

The Climate Change chapter in our new Local Plan seeks to create conditions that can reduce carbon emissions and promote development of renewable energy technologies like solar, photovoltaics and ground source heat pumps.

Land use change and forestry is also a valuable offsetting factor. If tree cover in the plan area is increased by at least 5% between now and 2040 there will be sizeable benefits to carbon reduction. The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan will set out ambitious targets for achieving this on a wider scale across the Greater Exeter area.

It’s worth remembering that Government has advised that council planning policies will play an important part in the Covid-19 recovery process. You can see find out more in the Climate Change chapter in our Local Plan ‘Need to Know’ guide

Please let us have your comments our proposals in our Local Plan consultation

Thank you for your support

Key workers thank you

Our waste and recycling crews have been maintaining collections and will be working tomorrow to complete the post Easter revised schedule.

Normal timetables resume on Monday and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our crews and for the many supportive messages displayed in windows and on bins.  These have been very much enjoyed and welcomed by our crews.

Please continue to help us by:

  • Washing your hands before putting your bins out and cleaning your bin handles
  • Minimising as far as possible the waste you create and avoiding DIY projects if you are unable to hold on to any waste created
  • Parking considerately to allow our collection vehicles to access your street on collection day
  • Not leaving items at recycling banks if these are full, especially textiles which are not being collected at present

If your household is affected by coronavirus please help keep our crews safe by following the guidance.  Please:

  • Bag all contaminated waste
  • Put the bag inside another bin liner
  • Keep for 72 hours in a place not accessible to other people
  • Put in your black general waste bin.
Refuge collectors thanks

Business grant applications

business hands

Our team continues to strive to process grant applications as swiftly as possible. To date, we have received 2,570 applications, processing 2,133 to a value of £24,615,000.

We are pleased to say that new claims are being processed on the day of receipt and for those which are clearly eligible, we are paying out the grant on the same day.

We still need to reach around 500 businesses who are likely to qualify for help but have yet to apply. We are working with colleagues to try and identify those who have not applied.

We are also processing a significant number of claims which are complex and/or disputed which will take time to resolve. Some claims are not eligible and we are emailing unsuccessful claimants to advise them of the reasons why they are not entitled to a grant.

Any business which believes our decision is wrong should get in touch with appropriate supporting information/evidence.

The latest Government guidance on the Business Grant Scheme is available here

Food Hall popular


There’s daily evidence that locals living near the food hall at Newton Abbot Market appreciate the efforts made by food traders to continue producing and selling food. This echoes sentiments from around the country, where the trade body National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) has documented support from grateful consumers.

Since the food hall resumed trading after setting up strict social distancing procedures, there has been a steady daily flow of customers, with many making a point of praising those providing vital supplies – including some ‘free-from’ food items. Some traders also report a healthy demand for deliveries of fresh foods.

Among the other comments received by staff working at the food hall have been several references to feeling secure in the social distancing environment that has been created both outside and within the building. One said: “I feel safer than in a supermarket”.

The food hall is open Monday to Saturday with Stoneman’s Delicatessen, Ashford Fruit & Veg and the Bay Tree trading from 8am to 1pm.

Photo: Extract from the NABMA website.

Updated advice from fire service re bonfires

The fire service is asking people not to contact them if they see a bonfire unless in an emergency. Instead they are asking those having a bonfire to call 0333 399 0014. This is so the Fire Service can check if they receive 999 calls reporting and so stop firefighters out to bonfires when they’re not needed. 

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Latest advice and guidance on coronavirus


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Why not manage your council interactions on line?


As we remain at home throughout the lockdown, we seem to be doing even more online. More than 16,000 residents in Teignbridge have signed up to MyAccount which provides access to a host of council services

It's free to sign up and means you can:

  • Go paperless with e-billing
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  • Check your account balance
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