Find out the new South Hams garden waste collection days

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1 March 2023

Find out the new garden waste collection days in the South Hams

Garden Waste Tree

The new South Hams garden waste collection service is due to start in the coming days.

The first collections will take place within two weeks of 6 March. Our teams have been creating the new collection rounds based on the subscriptions we've already received, allowing us to deliver a high quality and reliable service for our residents. 

As this is a new service, it may mean that a resident's garden waste bin is collected on a different day to their refuse and recycling.

Residents can now check which day their collections will take place online - visit

Important: when checking for your first garden waste collection date, please be aware that our garden waste service does not start until 6 March 2023. Any collection dates prior to this should be ignored.

There will be no changes to the normal refuse and recycling collections as the garden waste service is introduced.

Residents have asked us 'Where does the sticker we've received need to be fixed to on the bin?'

The sticker should be fixed to the outside / top of the lid so it's visible when the lid is fully shut, or to the front of your garden bin, so it's visible for our crews when the bin is presented for collection.

For more information, visit:

Residents can contact us on our Contact Us webpage.

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