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11 November 2022

Football Foundation



Local football clubs have an exciting funding opportunity from the Premier League, The FA and Government’s Football Foundation.  

Across the country, poor quality pitches act as a barrier to participation in sport by causing thousands of matches to be called off each season and negatively impacting the enjoyment of those playing in the games that do go ahead.

That’s why the Football Foundation is on a mission to transform the state of grass pitches across England and have made grants of up to £12,800 per pitch available to help clubs and organisations improve their playing surface.

Local football clubs and organisations in your area can unlock this funding using PitchPower – the Football Foundation's revolutionary free grass pitch inspection web app. Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can complete a pitch inspection at the touch of a button.

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Three-day guest pass at our leisure centres


Fusion Lifestyle is committed to helping every West Devon resident by making a FREE 3-day swim or gym pass available to all. Claim your pass and discover how regular exercise can make you feel great and improve your health.

There's no better time to come and try out the gym, or have a swim, entirely for FREE! Fusion ensures that you'll feel healthier, happier and ready to get more from life. 

Sign up to your nearest Fusion Leisure Centres to get your 3-day pass today.

'Active Together' - Sport England Funding

Sport England

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise essential funds. Sport England's Active Together programme is a COVID-19 pandemic recovery fund, helping sport and physical activity organisations to move forward with priority projects and running costs that they might still be struggling with.

It can help with projects that cannot be afforded right now due to the impact coronavirus continues to have on an organisation's normal income streams, as well as a broader spectrum of issues that most of us now face.

It is a fund about recovery, reinvention and building resilience.

With your help, Active Together could contribute to: 

  • Facility refurbishments, maintenance or improvements
  • Adapting your facility to ensure a safe return to play
  • Running new activity to meet demand, post-pandemic, helping your community to recover
  • Unforeseen events continuing to impact on your finances – fire, theft, vandalism or adverse weather
  • The emerging energy crisis – changing your facility to lower your energy consumption.

Want to find out more? 

Click here to find out more.

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Active Devon National Active Campaigns


We Are Undefeatable  

"We Are Undefeatable" is a movement supporting people with a range of long-term health conditions, developed by 15 leading health and social care charities and backed by expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England.

Their purpose is to support and encourage finding ways to be active that work with each person’s conditions, not against them.

When managing a health condition, it is vital that each person discovers what works for them when it comes to being active and finding ways to move.

We are Undefeatable has created a list of activity inspiration for people managing a health condition on their website.

We are undefeatable

Millions of people are joining the community by posting their photos on social media by attaching the hashtag #WeAreUndefeatable. Join the community now! 

Visit their website now - We Are Undefeatable


Mental Health UK  

Mental Health UK brings together the experience of four charities from across the country, who’ve been supporting people with their mental health for nearly 50 years.

The organisation provides support and services for some of the biggest societal challenges that pose a threat to people’s mental health, including money problems, navigating through the system to get the right support, understanding mental health, loneliness and isolation, and resilience in young people. 

Cost Of Living Support 

In the UK, it is estimated that 50% of people in debt also experience a mental health problem. And one in five people experiencing a mental health problem also experiences money issues.

Mental Health UK offer money advice where they share information, support and advice on their Mental Health and Money Advice Website.  

Mental Health and Money Advice were set up in 2017 to help people better understand, manage, and improve their financial and mental health.

Eight Stress Awareness Day Activities 

This National Stress Awareness Day try out these eight activities for new ways to cope with stress. Most of these can be done in under ten minutes, so even if you’re rushed off your feet, you’ll be able to find something here to help. 

  • Do Something Creative

Did you know that there is a specific section of our brain that stimulates creative activities and thoughts?  Doing activities such as: Draw, Sing, Cook can help relieve feelings of stress. 

  • Get Outside

 Being outside in nature is great for our wellbeing. Going for a short walk or sitting in a green space can have an extremely calming effect on how we feel.

  • Move your body 

Exercise is a very effective way to combat stress. When we exercise our bodies release endorphins which help us feel good. You could go for a walk, or dance around your living room to your favourite songs.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation is the practice of noticing your emotions and gaining a sense of perspective on them. It’s typically done by sitting or lying down in a quiet place and focusing on your breathing.

  • Write it down 

You’d be surprised what a relief it can be to write down what you’re thinking and feeling. Just remember, you're not writing for someone else to read, it's for yourself to get down on paper what you're feeling. 

  • Do something you enjoy 

When we’re really busy it’s easy to eliminate the things, we enjoy from our schedule. Doing things you enjoy helps relieves stress and relaxes your body and mind. 

  • Talk to someone 

Speaking to a friend, loved one, colleague or therapist can help you to lighten the load you may be feeling. The person you’re talking to may also be able to help you organise your thoughts, create an action plan, or take some tasks off your plate.

  • Listen to music 

Sometimes belting out the lyrics to a cheesy ballad makes everything seem all right. If you’re in a public place, s listening to your favourite music can help you feel better quickly. Classical music can be especially relaxing right before bedtime. 

Mental Health UK offer services and support on their website, where they also encourage donations which go towards various forms of support. They offer services such as online consultations (via telephone), Clic which is their online community of likeminded people where you can speak freely and openly about your feelings, Local support which offer local support groups. Find your local support here. 

Visit their website to find out more and be a part of the community today! 

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