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A joint statement from South Hams District Council and FCC Environment Limited on South Hams recycling, waste, street and toilet cleaning services:

South Hams Small New Recycling Vehicle


“This morning the Executive of South Hams District Council considered a report, with advice from the Council’s Waste Working Group, advising that the authority and FCC Environment have reached mutual agreement to end their contract for waste, recycling, street and toilet cleaning services.

“Both parties agree that the past few years have presented a number of extremely challenging circumstances. In the best interests of the residents of the South Hams, it is proposed that the services will be operated by the Council from Monday, 3 October, 2022.

“We will work closely together to ensure a smooth transfer of the services, and keep you informed as we make progress.

“The Executive are recommending that the Council approves the proposals when it meets on Thursday 14 July.”

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