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October 2021

Shop4Good this festive season

Spend savvy for your wellbeing and save the planet

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Devon takes a positive lead

Devon councils & charities are taking the lead on helping people learn how to shop in a way that’s both good for our individual wellbeing as well as doing our bit for the climate. While global leaders discuss carbon targets at COP 26, we all have a part to play in reaching the goals.  Discover ways to Shop4good this Christmas and take the Shop4good Quiz with exciting local prizes.

Making Christmas more enjoyable

With Black Friday and Christmas soon approaching, we’ve heard from some readers that, at the same time as looking forward to holiday time with family and friends, they worry about over-consumption and harming nature.  How can we balance giving gifts with protecting the natural world?  Shop4good promotes 10 ways to do it, including shop local, shop long-lasting and shop packaging-free.  You will find them all on the Shop4good webpage, by clicking the button below.

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How to take part in Shop4Good

  • Do the Shop4Good Quiz and Footprint
  • Check out the exciting low-carbon prizes ready for 12 lucky winners
  • Ask for a Shop4Good present this festive season
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Does it make a difference?

New research says a big yes to this.

A study by WWF shows that interest in sustainable products has increased massively since the pandemic and customer buying choices are driving industry to become more sustainable.

It suggests that consumer buying power is so influential that it may be doing more to help the climate than governments. You are powerful! And every penny is a vote!

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Who's behind the Shop4Good campaign?

Shop4Good is brought to you by the councils of North Devon, Torridge, South Hams and West Devon along with charities 361 Energy, Plastic Free North Devon, Resurgence Trust, North Devon Biosphere and Totnes Climate Change Response Centre.  Carbon Savvy created the campaign and hosts the Shop4good Quiz alongside the footprint calculator and eco prizes.

Shop for COP

On 30 October, world governments meet in Glasgow for the global climate summit. The associated Together for Our Planet campaign invites businesses and communities to take part. Shopping is a significant part of our carbon footprints so Shop4Good is a great way we can all get involved to turn the targets into reality.

COP earth
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