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October 2021

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Thank-you for submitting your details for the community broadband project. Since the project was launched 4 weeks ago we have received close to 600 responses (across South Hams & West Devon) which shows there is great demand for improved digital connectivity.

We also now have a growing team of community broadband champions (65 to date) who will be building an understanding of fibre rollout in your area in the weeks ahead. You will soon be able to identify if there is a broadband champion in your area on the webpage below: 

Is your download speed very slow?


Many of you have identified that your broadband has a download speed of less than 10Mbps.  This is below what the Government defines as 'decent' and there is a scheme to help.  

If your broadband is not defined as decent (under 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload) or affordable (defined as more than £46.40/month) you may be eligible for the Universal Service scheme.  This provides £3,400 per premise to improve broadband provision, and if multiple addresses are eligible and register in one area it may cover the full cost of provision. 

Enter your postcode at the website below to check if you are eligible: 

Airband update - postcode checker fixed


You may be aware that Airband are rolling out a large full fibre network across our District that is centrally funded and managed by Connecting Devon and Somerset. 

You can find out if Airband's fibre network is coming near your house by using the postcode checker on their website- this was recently been fixed.  If it says you are due to get fibre or you are close to the network it would be sensible to register your details so you are kept informed of build progress. 


Mobile boost scheme


Are you struggling with poor indoor mobile coverage? Connecting Devon and Somerset may be able to help.

It has announced the expansion of the Mobile Boost Programme, which aims to upgrade indoor 4G coverage in "not-spot" areas.  

Businesses and households can apply for a voucher of up to £1200 towards the cost of one of a number of mobile signal booster options from a registered supplier. The value of the voucher will be dependent on the type of technology most suitable for the premises.

For more information and to apply visit Connecting Devon and Somerset - Mobile Boost Scheme.

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