COVID-19 - Important Update for Members

Important Update

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 8 April 2020

COVID-19: Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

Vulnerable Lists

1.5m Vulnerable

Data Protection Update

Members will have seen news stories, online statements and tweets from Government Minister’s stating that the Data Protection Act will not be a barrier to our Covid-19 response. While its true in the sense that it provides us greater freedoms to share information between Government organisations (Local Authorities, NHS, Police etc), it doesn’t mean the basic requirements of the law are removed and doesn’t add in the ability for us to share individuals data with other groups without their express consent. The need for confidentiality, data minimisation, purpose limitation and data security all still apply. Please see attached for more information or contact with any queries. 

Positive Community Feedback


Late last week Kingsbridge Food Bank contacted an officer from their cluster group to ask for help collecting 40 blue sacks full of cardboard from their food deliveries which were building up in the alley way in Fore Street.

The officer contacted FCC and asked if they could clear them away and they arrived within the hour of the call and removed the sacks.

Kingsbridge Food bank responded back and said: “What fantastic service from your team, they were here within the hour and collected the lot, we were really struggling with storing the cardboard and you have taken that problem away thank you so much.”  

Local Action Fund

Pile of money

To support the community work happening across South Hams and West Devon, in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Leaders have formed a Local Action Support Fund. We will rapidly provide small amounts (up to £250) of grant funding to community-led schemes, which identify and/or achieve the small but important things that can safely address some of the issues that are arising because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The types of things that can be applied for will include:

  • Enabling deliveries of essential goods and services to those who are vulnerable, such as foods and medicines
  • Support for accessing online information and services (including co-ordinating virtual community response meetings etc.)
  • Setting up virtual support groups to help people to stay connected and informed and to maintain and support mental health and wellbeing
  • Transport-related initiatives that support safe community responses to the outbreak

Click the following links for the online application:

Connecting residents with our local suppliers through this difficult time

Fruit and Veg

In order to support local suppliers, we have launched a website to advertise local suppliers that remain open through this time for delivery, special opening times for vulnerable residents and key workers etc. We are aware that our community groups are also pulling together similar lists within their own Towns and Parishes so if you do receive details of any local businesses please send them through to and we’ll add them to the list.  The page only launched yesterday and will grow over the coming weeks can be accessed here

Please refer any queries to Neil Hawke