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October 2018

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Happy Autumn - Rather than terrify everyone with how many shopping days before Christmas.... here are some interesting snippets regarding customs attached to this time of year.

Festival of the Dead or Feast of Ancestors is held by many cultures throughout the world in honour or recognition of deceased members of the community, generally occurring after the harvest in Autumn. In the 21st century, European traditions mark the celebrations of Halloween

The Roman Catholic church celebrates three days of Allhallowtide from 31 October to 1 November, marking All Saints' Eve All Saints' Day and the second of November as All Souls' Day. The Mexican holiday celebrated at Hallowtide is called Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead - prior to the Spanish colonisation and the conversion of local people to Christianity, this festival was celebrated in the summer time.

In many cultures a single event, Festival of the Dead, lasting up to 3 days, was held at the end of October and beginning of November.

In the Inca religion the entire month of November is 'Ayamarca', which translates to Festival of the Dead. The Chinese and Buddhist festival is called Ghost Festival.


Your community council

Although the September meeting over-ran a bit, it was interesting and informative. The feedback so far has been really positive. The section dealing with the closure of Rye Lane naturally generated a lot of questions and concerns. This essential work could impact on the smaller businesses along the Lane, and as a result of the meeting, a group is being set up to find a way to ameliorate the impact of the works by encouraging more pedestrian activity.

A public meeting to look at the phased closure is planned for....

The Question Time panel were ably managed by our own version of David Dimbleby - Cllr Mills, and included: Neil Kirby - How community space is planned in to regeneration projects; Jardine Finn - Space for Sports and Leisure; Nicholas Okwulu - Start Up space; James Boyle - Arts and Culture space; and Suley Muhidin - Digital space for the community.

The webcast of the meeting can be viewed at

sorry if the sound is not of the best quality.

We are encouraging everyone who attends to complete the amended evaluation form, so that we can respond usefully to suggestions on how the meetings can be improved... If you attend any of the meetings, please do the evaluation, and help us to make these meetings relevant and meaningful to everyone.

Rye Lane Closure phase 1

The first phase of the work on the Gas mains replacement along Rye Lane.

Traffic diversions proposed are mapped below.

Phase 1rye lane 1 diversion

Name your Housing Hero!

Nominate the person or organisation who has made an impact through their volunteering in your community for our Housing Hero 2018!

In partnership with ENGIE contractors (formerly known as Keepmoat) Southwark Council wants to recognise these individuals and organisations who go the extra mile to help others. The winning nominees, selected by a panel of judges, will take home a trophy plus £100 for their favourite charity.

Take a look at the criteria below, and answer three short questions about why you think they deserve a Housing Heroes Award. You can also download a form from this site, or pick up one rom your local library or leisure centre.

If you have entered a winning nominee, you and the nominee will be invited to an awards ceremony on 14 November 2018, where the winners will be announced, and trophies and cash distributed.


For details of eligibility and to make your nomination online, visit

Hero poster