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careers & Covid

Welcome to a very different Summer term.

Here at SCC the Careers team have been on a steep learning curve as we endeavour to find ways to continue to support Careers education in these challenging times.

Year 11 Transition


Motivation is a challenge when your exams are cancelled and you're not sure which way is up.

We're keen to know what you’re doing to stay in contact with your year 11s.

Plans are coming together to engage this group and we'll keep you in the conversation as we go forward.

All updates for you, parents and students can be found here, make sure you follow us for the latest update @sotoncareers

Careers education for the virtual world


Reaching students virtually is a skill we have all rapidly embraced and the NCOP projects are no exception. We are working on producing webinars and work sheets to share, enabling students to engage with resilience building activity using the Windmills tools. There will be opportunities for staff to access facilitator training online to support students. Contact for more information.

The SUN team are keen to support any required changes to NCOP spending - please speak to your lead.

Careers Online

mgb learnlab

Over the summer term a number of students across all year groups would have been enjoying Careers activities, whether it would be their turn on the PSHE carousel, or out on work experience. We have been looking out for opportunities for you to add flavour to this learning at home.

Across our radar this week came myglobalbridge, available FREE for 6 months to enable schools to use it in their home learning schedule.

My Global Bridge is essentially an online record of achievement for the new generation. Those of us old enough will remember diligently adding our certificates and awards to best show a future employer the richness of our lives. Fast forward 25 years (ouch) and imagine you can now add media files, films, photos etc to demonstrate skills and talents.

Created by teachers to be user friendly and easy to monitor, completing a profile makes an excellent and quick Careers activity for years 7 through 13 students, 15 to 30 minutes for a basic profile. You can then monitor use and encourage students to access and use resources within the system provided by employer partners designed to encourage innovation and ingenuity. Siemens have provided a build a paper rollercoaster challenge, all about being fun and creative with families at home whilst learning about the world of engineering. To get involved contact to get your students created on the system.

There are many places to find support if you are providing guidance virtually - here are a few:

access logo

The starting place for general careers information and support, plus all our updates.


hampshire careers partnership

Local Labour market information.

EBP south

Our colleagues at EBP South have put together a lovely one stop page with lots of relevant links.


cdi logo

The CDI’s online Community of Practice for Careers Leaders is now open to all careers leaders – members and non-members. Non-members can make use of the networking and resources for three-months – a free trial to support all careers leaders through this torrid time.

To start using the forum simply click on the sign-in/sign/up square and where the form asks for a membership number, input free trial – this will lead to immediate access.

and finally...

Useful Information:

GCSE & A-level awarding

Careers Map CPD webinars

Maintaining FE provision

SAH webinar

Our Colleagues at the Solent Apprenticeship Hub are providing support for year 11s interested in an apprenticeship - please share with your year 11s.



Down 10% for the first quarter. Biggest drop for 16-18 year olds.

Highest in Business admin and Law followed by health and social care.

If you're keen to get more detailed apprenticeship information contact

Business as usual:

Meeting the Gatsby benchmarks from a distance might feel difficult and we have been impressed by the innovative techniques being utilised. If you have good practice you’d like to share please contact me. I am in the process of collating the city responses for the Compass assessment so if you haven’t already then please send those links to 

My Global Bridge have provided subject posters for an easy win - download here.

Tracking and data:

Intended destinations are due for year 11s to Post 16 Data team contact if you are having difficulty accessing spreadsheets securely.

With transition in mind please make sure we have your Risk Of NEET spreadsheet returned as early in the new term as possible and remember to refer those with the most concerns direct to STEP the Referral form can be sent via Anycomms to ‘Post-16 data’ or password encrypted to

There is a lot packed into this bulletin. Please get in touch if you need any more detail or with questions. It's always great to hear from you.