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Early years bulletin

21 September 2023


We are pleased to inform you that the new digital solution which supports the Family Support Plan is now ready to use. The FSP Portal allows you to complete the Family Support Plan directly onto the portal, work collaboratively with others, and have an overview for all the children that have an FSP.

Key benefits of the FSP Portal include:

  • Digital solution - A digital version of the FSP form
  • Case management overview - Clear view for all children who have an FSP that you are either the lead or part of the team around the family
  • Include other professionals - You can add in other professionals who are part of the TAF, they will be able to view the FSP and Plan
  • Review Reminders - The portal will show at 6 and 12-week periods when a review is due
  • Review will pre-populate - When starting a review, this will pull through all previous information from the original FSP
  • Actions will pre-populate - Actions from the plan will pull through and allow for an update and to show progress and changes
  • Transfer cases - If stepping across to another lead professional, you can transfer the ‘FSP Coordinator’ role
  • Download & Print - You can download the FSP to enable it to be uploaded to your own system or print for the family.

ACTION - The FSP Portal will now replace the word version, you will need to register for an account before you use this, please complete the form at the link below and email back to fsp@portsmouthcc.gov.uk and your account will be set up for you. (If you are from a school and have access to the Insight Hub portal already, then your FSP account will have been already added).

Download the FSP Portal IT declaration form here

Further support is available to help you navigate the FSP Portal.        

A Guidance document can be found here

A video tutorial can be found here

Further support and information is available by contacting fsp@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

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