Portsmouth Aspirations Week 2022 runs from 17 - 21 January 2022

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Early years bulletin

4 January 2022


Portsmouth Aspirations Week 2022 runs from 17 - 21 January 2022

Portsmouth Aspirations Week is back and we are proud to get involved again. It's a chance for children to start thinking about what they might want to be in the future.


Invite parents/carers to come in to talk about their work, e.g. librarian, police officer, retail assistant, NHS worker, teacher, builder, fireman, care assistant, mechanic, vet, postal worker, baker, bus driver, the list of roles our parents/carers have is endless!


Celebrate the famous faces of Portsmouth! Talk to the children about them alongside a fun play experience. For example…

1. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an engineering genius who "changed the face of the English landscape" and was born in Portsmouth. He famously designed machines, bridges and railways.

  • Put together a toy train track
  • Build sandcastles
  • Build with play dough
  • Play and build with loose parts
  • Assemble a marble run
  • Build a blanket den

2. Henry VIII was in Portsmouth when his flagship, The Mary Rose, sank.

  • Build paper boats, jar lid boats, ice boats
  • Talk about floating and sinking and guess if different waterproof toys/items will float or sink
  • Sing active nursery rhymes, e.g. row, row, row your boat, 10 little sail boats

3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived and worked in Portsmouth and it's here that he first came up with his most famous character - Sherlock Holmes.

  • Set up feely boxes and let the children put their hands through the hole to feel the item and guess what it is, e.g. pine cones, shells, fruit, vegetables
  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Set up a treasure hunt around the setting. Hide clues for children to follow and reach a reward at the end
  • Or set up a mystery where the setting's mascot has gone missing and children have to follow the clues to find it

4. Rudyard Kipling spent his childhood years in Portsmouth and went on to write The Jungle Book.

  • Set up a jungle tuff tray
  • Sing active nursery rhymes, e.g. down in the jungle, 5 little monkeys
  • Guess the animal sound quiz
  • Share books about different types of jungle animals

5. Olympians Katy Sexton and Roger Black were born in and around the Portsmouth area.

  • Set up an obstacle course
  • Show jumping horsey hurdles
  • Tug of war
  • Shot put using bean bags
  • Discus using frisbees
  • Long jump & high jump challenge

6. Actor & Comedian Peter Sellers was born in Southsea and made his stage debut at the Kings Theatre.

  • The 'no laughing!' game. Children play in pairs and take turns to make each other laugh, either by pulling a funny face or telling a joke. The aim of the game is keep a straight face
  • Make a joke book or joke cards for the setting. Record children's jokes and they can take turns to tell a joke to their friends at the end of each day
  • Host a talent show. Children can volunteer to sing a song, tell a joke, perform a dance, share a magic trick, play a musical instrument or any other unique talent.


Celebrate Charles Dickens, a famous author born in Portsmouth. Talk about how anyone can be an Author and write a story together. Some options for story scribing are:

  • Writing down exactly what the children say in the form of a story book that they can enjoy over and over again
  • Create a picture book of recent experiences such as trips to the park or birthday parties, with key people and phrases
  • Create a photo album or string together printed photographs of the children performing their story
  • Use story stones or story spoons to build your story and transcribe it for the children

Taken from the DfE website, 'Help for Early Years Providers'.


Share motivational books with children that educate and inspire them to achieve.



Dress up as your future self day - "When I grow up!" Invite the children to come dressed up as someone they aspire to be when they are older.

You can keep up with what’s happening by using #AspirationsWeek on social media and by visiting the Portsmouth City Council website

Feel free to share your own photos of activities you are offering at your setting during the week using the same hashtag and by emailing eydelivery@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

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