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Early years bulletin

Happy New Year From the EYAC Team!

January 2020

Aspitations week

Aspirations week and the launch of the' Hungry Little Minds'  campaign.

Hungry Little Minds has been designed to encourage parents and carers to chat, play and read more with their children. We want to energise parents by making them see that ‘early learning’ isn’t a chore. Far from it, in fact: it takes little time, can happen anywhere and it can easily be interwoven with daily tasks. And ultimately, it is as rewarding for parents and carers as it is for their children. All our communications are led by children.  Whether it is in everyday settings – playing on the living room floor, sitting at the kitchen table or in a supermarket trolley we see from an early age the eagerness of children to interact, even when they’re too young to speak, or even to understand  a great deal.

Hungry Little Minds is a three-year government led campaign launched in July 2019 with advertising across a range of channels. The second phase of advertising will start in January and continue through to March 2020. While the advertising is targeted to reach disadvantaged parents, we need partners like you to help us reach as many parents and carers as possible. As Nursery providers you can help to make the campaign a success and give it longevity beyond the first three years.

We are planning a week of activities from Monday 20th -  Friday 24thJanuary for Nursery providers to take part in across the city as part of our Aspirations week. We want Portsmouth children to have the opportunity to be exposed to the joy and wonder of rich language and an extensive vocabulary not only in Nursery and Schools but with their parents in the home environment. Please help us kick start our campaign by taking part in the following:

 Monday 20th January : Invite all children to bring in their favourite books which can be read throughout the week and shared with their friends.

Tuesday 21st January : Create a Treasure Hunt game in your Nursery and give the children instructions and clue's to find the treasure.

Wednesday 22nd January: Role play with boxes - collect boxes of all different shapes and sizes and see how with a child's imagination they can find a million possibilities to make a box magical!

Thursday 23rd January: Sing together - something we know you all do every day. Find songs that encourage the children to use their imagination. Song is a very special kind of speech and as we know helps with the child's acquisition of language.

Friday 24th January: Dress up day! Ask the children to come dressed up as someone they aspire to be when they are older.

 Remember on the 22nd January from 3.30 - 5.30 at the Civic we are inviting Nursery practitioners to come to our Aspirations Week celebration, where we want to take some time to thank you for all the excellent work you do with children across the city. We will be talking more about Hungry Little Minds and sharing photos and experiences of great practice across our city.

The Department for Education currently has an open consultation out on the proposed reforms to the EYFS

 This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 31 January 2020

Consultation description

The aim of this consultation is to seek views from interested parties on proposed changes to the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.

This consultation seeks views on:

·         proposed revisions to the educational programmes

·         proposed revisions to the early learning goals

·         proposed changes to the assessment and moderation process for the early years foundation stage profile

·         a proposed change to the safeguarding and welfare requirements to promote good oral health

Please visit https://consult.education.gov.uk/early-years-quality-outcomes/early-years-foundation-stage-reforms/

To make sure your voice is heard and give your views we strongly encourage you to look at the consultation and respond.

send info

This term is an ideal time to be considering the support plans and strategies that have been in place for children with SEND needs.

You can do this by:

• Refer back to the SEND pathway and the Assess, plan, do and review process.
• Make time to review the needs of the school cohort children and think about the support they might need.
• Start to plan for transition to school if you haven’t done so already
• Consider making contact with school SENCos to begin to discuss children's needs.
• Make sure that you allow plenty of time to gather all the relevant supporting documents to support transition and use the profile of needs to fully explain the areas of need for the individual child.
• Refer to the SEND timeline which can be found on the Portsmouth local offer which will detail deadlines for EHCARs and specialised school applications. 
• An Early Help Assessment (EHA) must be in place for Education Health Care Assessment Request (EHCAR) to be considered.

If you need any support or guidance or if you want to discuss Education Health Care Assessment Requests (EHCARs) remember that you can contact us at EY inclusion.  

Dates to Remember 

SENCO Network Cluster - Spring Term - Tue, 10 Mar 2020 13:00 - 15:00 Tue, 10 Mar 2020 18:30 - 20:30

Face to face SEND support appointments will be available on March 10th to discuss inclusion concerns - keep an eye out for further details.


Funding info

The headcount task will be available on the provider portal from date 13/01/2020.

In order to avoid late submissions please make sure that your current log in details are working, contact us at eyfunding@portsmouthcc.gov.uk if you have password issues that need resolving.

The deadline for submission is date 24/01/20. 

Remember you will need to complete and return the 2020 Early Years Census and Sufficiency Questions with your headcount task by this date.

All providers claiming early education funding for their two, three and four year olds will need to complete the task. Providers will need to confirm the information submitted on the forecast task, and inform us of changes, which may include children starting or leaving the setting or an increase/decrease in funded hours.

To view your previously submitted forecast task please see Provider Portal user guide. Any adjustments to payments will be made by the end of March 2020.

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