Early Years Bulletin 01.07.2019

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Early years bulletin

1 July 2019

Early Years Training Centre

Remember, to pay instalments you must log in to the Early Years and Childcare Training and Development Centre here and return your direct debit form to us by 31 July 2019. If you wish to pay in full, please purchase on the Early Years and Childcare Training and Development Centre after 31 July 2019 and you will be invoiced the following month for the full amount. 

Little Sunbeams Pre-School

Congratulations to the children of Little Sunbeams Pre-School. They have entered the Reading Zone Picture Book Competition and the book the children created about their visit to Marwell Zoo has been shortlisted. The children have received a certificate and letter from the judges!

Check your invoices!

Early Years bulletin

We still are aware that issues have arisen where Universal Credit applicants have found it difficult to prove their childcare costs due to invoices not containing the required information.

In order to avoid parents being affected and missing out on Universal Credit payments (and potentially being unable to pay for childcare on time) please check that your invoices contain the following information:

  • Setting/Provider name
  • Ofsted number
  • Address
  • Name of child invoice relates to
  • Dates the invoice refers to
  • Number of hours funded and those incurring a fee
  • Total cost to parent

If you can email invoices to parents this will help them when they upload them to the Universal Credit system and avoid them needing to scan/photograph paper documents.

When parents upload their evidence, they also have to submit proof of payment for each invoice. So please ensure that your business bank account name relates to your business name as shown on your invoices. If you take cash payments, please provide clear receipts to show the money received and the invoice it relates to. Some applicants' evidence has been rejected as they cannot clearly show who a payment was made to on their bank statement or that they paid in cash.

Headcount Forecast task

Autumn 2019

The forecast task will be available on the provider portal from today. In order to avoid late submissions please make sure that your current log in details are working, contact us at eyfunding@portsmouthcc.gov.uk  if you have password issues that need resolving. The deadline for submission is 5th July 2019

All providers will need to complete the task to claim early education funding for their two, three and four year olds who are registered to attend in the Autumn term. Payment will be made to providers in the first week of September based on the information you submit to us.

Please remember:

  • Parents must have completed and signed the parent declaration forms before you add children to the forecast task. You may want to consider issuing this form to parents as part of your registration process?

You can still claim funding for children who start after the submission date by adding them to the headcount actual task which will be issued in September 2019.

Top Tips for Talking - July

Early Years Bulletin



Please print and display July's Top Tip for Talking poster.

This is available on the Services Network website under the 'resources tab'.

Download July's Top Tip

Have you used your Training Package workshop places?

Supporting Schemas

Date: Tuesday 16 July 2019

Time: 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Venue: Conference Room A, Floor 2, Civic Offices

This course will explore the range of schemas that influence patterns of children's behaviour and how to maximise the learning opportunities they offer.

You will also learn about the importance of educating parents to recognise and respond positively to schemas as a key part of their child's development.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand a range of schemas and the behaviours associated with them, and how they relate to children's brain development, particularly key mathematical concepts
  • Be confident in supporting children's schemas through the provision of a range of resources and activities which promote and reinforce learning
  • Be able to work in partnership with parents to help them understand schemas and how they can respond positively to these essential aspects of their child's development

Two year olds - terrifying or terrific?

Date: Thursday 18 July 2019

Time: 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Venue: The Training and Learning Centre, Portsmouth Academy

Want to learn more about 2 year olds?

This course will help you develop your knowledge of two year olds - how they learn and how you can effectively support them.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the developmental needs of 2 year olds
  • Understand how your role can scaffold a 2 year old's learning
  • Understand how to reinvigorate your routines and environment to suit 2 year olds

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Early Years bulletin

The Early Years and Childcare Service have a dedicated telephone number to be used if you need to speak to a member of the team. Contact us on 023 9284 1974.

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