Early Years Bulletin 26.02.2018

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Early Years Bulletin

26 February 2018


Early Education Funding Formula

As you will be aware, we consulted on and agreed a new funding formula which became effective in April 2017. When consulting on this, we discussed our expectation that the DfE would not increase the funding they provide the council for a number of years. However, we did agree to review the money that is allocated into each part of the formula that the Government require us to have. Whilst this will not increase the overall amount available to providers, it will allow us to ensure we are making the most of the money provided by Government.

 We had hoped to be able to look at this in time for the next financial year. However, as you will appreciate, it has only been a very short time since we introduced the new formula and there have been a number of issues (particularly with the 30hr programme) that have not given us a full, clear picture of the impact of these changes. Without robust information, there is a risk that we won't make the right decision for long-term security. As such, we have agreed that we will look at the allocation of money into the formula structure later in the year, with a view to making any possible changes from April 2019.

 Whilst many people may be disappointed about this, it is worth remembering that anything we are able to do will only result in very small changes as we are working within an unchanged allocation. It is important that we get things right so that we are proving the very best opportunities we can.

Ofsted SEF Update

You may have seen the recent announcement that Ofsted are withdrawing the SEF template from their website. This is in response to consultation and to reduce the burden on providers. However, the requirement to self-evaluate remains and will be discussed during inspections. The way you self-evaluate is up to you, and this has always been the case, so you still need to consider how you review your performance, capture feedback from parents, children and staff, and identify improvement objectives. You may survey parents for their views (on paper or online), take photos of systems you use to capture children's views (choice boards, activity feedback systems) and record consultation with staff in minutes of meetings. Your evidence could be stored in a file, along with your improvement plan to show specifically how you will bring about identified improvements, which should also relate to your last inspection and visit records from the Early Years and Childcare Team or external consultants. If you need any help with your self-evaluation processes we can provide this during a visit or an onsite workshop. Get in touch by emailing eydelivery@portsmouth.gov.uk.

Sharing Ideas and Activities


During our visits and discussions with settings we see many examples of good practice which we are going to start sharing in this bulletin.  If your setting has an idea or activity to share, please email it to us at eydelivery@portsmouth.gov.uk and let us know if you are happy for us to include the name of your setting with the article.

Here is a Circle Time activity recently carried out at Parade Pre-School which links to British Values (Democracy); PSED/Making Relationships (mutual respect and tolerance); Understanding the World/People and Communities:

"During Circle Time we reflected on women getting the right to vote 100 years ago. We explained to the children that a long time ago, before they or their mummies and daddies were born, women like their great grandparents would not have been able to do certain jobs or vote. We explained that voting is being able to choose. We asked what type of jobs do they think women can do? We explained that women can do any job they choose now, like being in the Army, Police, Firefighters. We discussed making democratic decisions together, like choosing a story together (children vote for which story they want to hear each day)".

Children who should have started school last September?

If you have any children with you whose birthdate indicates that they should have started school last September (2017), please email EYInclusion@portsmouthcc.gov.uk. Do not give the child's details. The EYAT team will contact you to discuss further. 


Forecast task

The forecast task (to claim funding for children who you expect to attend in the summer term) will be available from 26 February. The submission date for this task is the 2 March. Please ensure you can access the Provider Portal prior to this and contact eyfunding@portsmouthcc.gov.uk if you are having issues logging in. The guide to using the portal can be found here as can the parent declaration forms.

Stretched funding

As you know an eligible child is able to access a funded place for up to 570 hours over a year. Funded places can be accessed as a term time only place (TTO); up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the term (following the Portsmouth school term dates).


Funded places can also be accessed as a stretched place, where a child accesses less hours per week over more weeks e.g. 11 hours per week over 51 weeks. Funded places are then claimed for each funding period i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn.


A guide to inputting data for a child claiming stretched funding can be found here. Please contact the funding team if you have any questions.

Well done St Jude's Church Nursery!

St Jude's Church Nursery have been successful in being the first early years setting in Portsmouth to achieve the Millie’s Mark Award.

This is accreditation for recognition of first aid skills at the nursery – in that all staff are fully trained and able to respond in the event of an emergency, procedures are in place etc. This is an exceptional achievement - congratulations to all at St Jude's!

You can find out more about the accreditation and how to sign up at the Millie's Mark website.

SENCo Cluster Meetings

Tuesday 13 March, 1.00pm - 3.00pm or 6.00pm - 8.00pm, Portsmouth Academy

These are available to all Early Years providers under the universal offer.

Please book via The Services Network.

Data - Using the Provider Portal to Submit Funding Claims and Receive Payments

Wednesday 28 February, 1.00pm - 8.00pm, Northern Parade Family Hub

Short (30 minute) pre-bookable appointments where members of the Early Years team will be available to provide support around the processes for registering for and/or claiming early education funding. Officers will also be attending some of the childminder stay and play groups in the city to support with general Provider Portal queries. This will be during the week beginning 26 February.

To book a slot please visit The Services Network.

Do you know anyone who is interested in becoming a childminder?

Starting a Childminding Business

Wednesday 25 April 2018, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Landport Family Hub from

This session provides all of the information needed to help attendees take the first steps into a rewarding career in childminding. They will hear from an outstanding childminder about her typical day, information about the registration requirements and what to consider when establishing their new business. For further information visit the Portsmouth City Council website

To book a place please e-mail eyworkforce@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.


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