Advice for hauliers operating in EU countries

Advice for hauliers operating in EU countries

Guidance issued on permit application scheme


The ECMT international road haulage permit system allows journeys between 43 member countries.

Currently, the UK issues Community Licences to cover international journeys, which are recognised in the EU.

Preparations have been made in case ECMT permits are needed for road haulage operations to the EU after March 2019.

The number of permits available will be limited and a permit needs to be carried in each vehicle that's making an international journey.

In order to apply for an annual ECMT permit, you need to be registered via the Vehicle Operator Licensing System (VOL) by 12 November 2018. 

Applications for permits can be made between 26 November and 21 December.

There will also be some monthly ECMT permits available next year. Applications for these will open at a later date. 

The Government has issued a fact sheet about the process. This can be found at:

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