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5 July 2023

Most adults report making some changes to their lifestyle for environmental reasons

A person icon with four images above them showing a plant, a bicycle, a recycling symbol, and an aeroplane, each accented in green.

More than eight in ten (86.5%) adults in Great Britain report having made at least some changes to their lifestyle to help tackle environmental issues. This is according to new data added to our UK Measures of National Well-being.

For over a decade, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been collating data on well-being in order to measure progress in the UK. In autumn 2022, we reviewed our measures and added new ones to make sure that 10 years on, the data we collect still reflects what is important to the UK today.

Our new article explores some of these new measures, including people’s satisfaction with a range of public services, and how well they feel people from different backgrounds get along in their local area.

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