How many people do your job?

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31 May 2023

How many people do my job?

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Have you ever wondered how many people do your job? Try our personalised article based on Census 2021 data, covering more than 400 occupations.

We tell you about the people who had this job in March 2021, their ages, disability status, the percentage of full-time or part-time workers, and how many men and women were in this kind of role.

Our accompanying feature article 'the occupations most dependent on older and younger workers' gives the overall trends. 

We found that younger women were more likely than older women to work in engineering, that two-fifths of farmers were aged 60 years or older, and that the most common job was “sales and retail assistant”.

Today we've also added a new feature to our interactive map tool for Census 2021 data. You can now see how people and households are distributed by their different characteristics on a single map, using the ‘dot density’ option. The data goes down to a local authority and neighbourhood level, while continuing not to enable individual households to be identified.

Read our interactive article