Feasibility research: Admin-based ethnicity statistics

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Developing admin-based ethnicity statistics for England and Wales: 2020

07 February 2023

Today we have published an update to our feasibility research on producing population statistics by ethnic group from administrative data. This research covers both England and Wales, and includes comparisons with Census 2021 estimates.  

By combining ethnicity data from eight administrative data sources and the 2011 Census, we established an ethnicity for 84.9% of people in the 2020 admin-based population base for England, and 88.5% of people in the 2020 admin-based population base for Wales. Compared with Census 2021 estimates, the 2020 admin-based ethnicity statistics for both England and Wales have a smaller proportion of people in the Asian, Black, Mixed and Other ethnic groups, and a larger proportion in the White ethnic group. They do however broadly align with Census 2021 in showing how ethnic diversity varies across the country. 

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This work builds upon our previously published admin-based ethnicity statistics for England: 2016, with the following changes for this iteration: 

  • production of admin-based ethnicity statistics for Wales as well as England  
  • incorporation of Welsh School Census and Individualised Learner Record data 
  • admin-based ethnicity statistics produced for Lower layer Super Output Areas 
  • ethnicity estimates produced for local authorities using the Generalised Structure Preserving Estimator method. 

Future work to explore how we can further improve upon the admin-based ethnicity statistics will include: 

  • incorporating additional data sources 
  • producing admin-based ethnicity statistics for 2021 and conducting both aggregate-level and record-level comparisons with Census 2021 
  • exploring improvements to methodology 
  • engaging with data suppliers to better understand and improve data collection practices.

We welcome your feedback on the admin-based ethnicity statistics, particularly whether the level of accuracy is sufficient to meet your needs. We also welcome feedback on the planned future developments. Email us your comments and questions and include “Admin-based ethnicity statistics” in the subject line of your response.

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