Methods for assessing the benefits of Census 2021, England and Wales

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Methods for assessing the benefits of Census 2021, England and Wales

1 December 2022

Today the ONS (Office for National Statistics) published an article relating to our methods for assessing the benefits of Census 2021 in England and Wales. Below we provide an overview and link to publication which describes our latest work. 

The Census Benefits Assessment Project will seek to assess and understand the benefits of Census 2021 data for users. In September we published our approach to assessing the benefits of Census 2021. This outlined how we plan to find out whether the £5.5bn of benefits previously forecast have been realised.

Since then we’ve been working to develop the method we will use to collect evidence from our stakeholders and to calculate the benefits. We want to make sure that our results can be compared to the previous forecast, so we are largely following the same method used to produce the forecast benefits. We are, however, expanding the stakeholder base to include additional users and sectors. We’re also looking to strengthen our understanding of what stakeholders would do without Census 2021 data, to help us best understand the benefits.

Our detailed method has been reviewed internally and by the Methodological Assurance Review Panel (MARP), to ensure that we are following best practice. The MARP paper will be published on the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) website in due course, but today we are publishing our higher-level summary of the method.

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