Census 2021 demography and migration results published today

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Census 2021

Census 2021 demography and migration results published today

2 November 2022

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the next phase of Census 2021 outputs for England and Wales looking at topics including migration, country of birth and household size and structure (release page). In this phase we are publishing statistics below Local Authority level for the first time.

This includes univariate data (one variable only) down to Output Area (OA) level, where possible. There are also statistical bulletins providing text, charts and tables and supporting information including statistical methods and quality measures.

Click the button to view Demography and Migration data from Census 2021 in England and Wales.

Demography and migration data

The data are provided as downloadable Microsoft Excel (.xls) spreadsheets in the first instance, with APIs available soon via the NOMIS and ONS websites.

You can use Census maps to find out what people’s lives are like across England and Wales. This digital content allows you to explore Census 2021 data for different topics down to a local authority and neighbourhood level.

Read our demography & migration statistical bulletins

There is also an article describing what Census 2021 data tells us about ageing and why it matters: Voices of our ageing population: Living Longer Lives.

What’s coming next

The next Census 2021 release is out next week, looking for the first time at UK armed forces veterans

The remaining topic summaries will be published in a rolling programme throughout November, December and early 2023, followed by multivariate data and analysis. 

We have also updated the release calendar with provisional publication dates for the following topic summaries on the links below:   

Census 2021 dictionary

We have released a Census 2021 dictionary which will be updated with each topic summary release. You can find a list of variables used in the Demography and Migration topic summary, including age, sex, household composition and marital and civil partnership status.

Downloadable resources

Our downloadable resources page has products that will help you to promote the release of census results.  These include editorial copy, logos and leaflets. We will update this page when each topic summary is published. 

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