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2 November 2022

Voices of our ageing population and new interactive census maps

Read the article on voices of our ageing population

The first set of unrounded estimates from Census 2021 have been released covering demography and migration, including age and sex, country of birth, household size and people's living arrangements.

Our new interactive maps will help you find out what people's lives were like across England and Wales when they answered Census 2021. And they'll allow you to see the data not just for your local authority area, but your local neighbourhood as well.

And in our article Voices of our ageing population: Living longer lives, we go beyond the numbers to provide expert views on issues related to ageing and explain why census data are particularly useful. What do we know about the lives of older people and the challenges they face? How do the data help to plan for an older population? And, what do older people themselves think about ageing and how we could all age better?