Assessing the benefits of Census 2021, England and Wales

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Assessing the benefits of Census 2021, England and Wales

28 September 2022

Today the ONS published an article relating to our assessment of the benefits of Census 2021 in England and Wales. Below we provide an overview and link to the publication which describes our latest work.

The Census Benefits Assessment Project will seek to assess and understand the benefits of Census 2021 data for users. In preparation for Census 2021, an engagement exercise was undertaken with stakeholders from central government, local government and the private sector to identify and quantify forecasted benefits of census data to users. The forecast benefits to users were approximately £5.5bn.

Following the successful census of England and Wales in March 2021, we plan to re-engage with stakeholders to check how they are using Census 2021 data to understand if the forecast benefits have been realised. We will also look to see if any new benefits have been identified. We will then be able to estimate the final benefit of Census 2021 data to users.

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